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Published in May-Jun 2017

Bringing home the 'Snowhite’ experience

After 68 years in the laundry and dry cleaning business, Snowhite launches Snowhite Washing Powder.

After 68 years in the laundry and dry cleaning business, Snowhite have launched Snowhite Washing Powder. Following years of research, Snowhite’s R&D department formulated the product which they say delivers “amazing results.” The product is available in three SKUs: One kg pack for Rs 190, 0.5 kg for Rs 100 and 50 gram for Rs 10, and is set to compete with the major washing powder brands including Ariel, Bright and Surf Excel.

“I think 68 years of experience is going to make a difference when it comes to competing with any brand,” commented Shakil ur Rahman, CEO, Snowhite, when asked about the product’s unique selling point.

The marketing campaign began in February 2017 on digital and print, and targets all SECs. Rahman says the company plans to launch a TVC soon, but first wants to work on the product’s distribution and availability. With a network of over 50 outlets nationwide, Snowhite plan to introduce a range of products in the same category.

“We have built a service culture based on one target, ‘Clean and healthy attire for everyone’ and I look forward to more successful years with the same superior quality products and services,” says Rahman.