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YouTube launches live streaming for mobiles

Updated 15 Feb, 2017 10:19am
Pakistani creators can live stream videos on YouTube, but not earn through Super Chat as of yet.

Recently YouTube launched its ‘Go Live’ feature on mobile phones enabling users to live stream directly from their phone (all they need to do is click the ‘Live’ camera option on their YouTube mobile app). For now, the feature is only available for users with over 10,000 subscribers, although according to their press release the feature will be rolled out for content creators with less than 10,000 subscribers “soon”.

This is not the first time YouTube has delved into live streaming. It first launched live streaming (for non-mobile devices such as PCs and laptops) in 2011, when it live-streamed the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. Last year, the company also launched 360-degree video viewing and 4K live streaming. However, previously live streaming was available only to specific ‘big-name’ creators; it is now available to everyone.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, “we are excited to support all use cases: from large events to mobile live streams, allowing creators to choose the best for their needs.”

Unlike in Snapchat and Instagram, the live streamed video will not ‘disappear’ after a few seconds, rather it will stay on the creators’ channel and will have all the features of a regular YouTube video, such as search, protection against unauthorised usage, inclusion in playlists, and content monetisation.

Super Chat – Not yet available in Pakistan
Super Chat is a feature whereby anyone watching a live-stream can pay for their comment to be highlighted and pinned at the top of the chat window for up to five hours – this also enables the video creator to earn some money. However, this feature which was launched in early January 2017 in more than 20 countries worldwide, including Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan in the APAC region, is not available in Pakistan yet.