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Published in Sep-Oct 2016

Eight ads with great insight

The Associate Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Pakistan shares her favourite ads.

From 'Coke Studio for the Deaf' to 'Zara Sochiye', these ads have great insight and are a delight to watch!

Depilex – Smile Again Foundation
Category: Print
Simple, to the point and hard-hitting. It makes you feel and interact at an emotional level. No big words. No big headed ideals. Just empathy.
Agency: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi

Ufone – *Saaf awaaz*
Category: TVC
Trying to make people laugh is not an easy task, yet Ufone manages to pull it off brilliantly 90% of the time. The situations are fresh, depicting the brand message/initiative in a fun way each time, without talking down to the customer or glamourising to capture eyeballs. Agency: Gameover Productions/Bates & Interflow

Coke Studio for the Deaf
Category: TV
Music is the universal language and now the people who could never experience it have a way to do so. A truly revolutionary idea that lets the deaf experience and feel the power of music through touch.
Agency: Soho Square

Sprite – Mirchi pe lagao Sprite *ka tarka*
Category: TVC
A brilliant insight that is so inherently local that it blows your mind. A different take on beverages; it looks at the flip side and owns it totally. The execution, the music and the thought all come together to create an amazing campaign.
Agency: Soho Square

#VOGUEEMPOWER – Boys Don’t Cry
Category: Digital
In our society, boys are taught to be tough. Anything that implies weakness is automatically associated with the female persona. “Ladkay nahi rotay hain!” “Are you a girl?” or “Don’t behave like a girl” are often standard admonitions to toughen up boys. I feel this campaign resonates with both the male and female audience with a terrific call to action in a subtle way. Agency: Vinil Mathew and Alex Kuruvilla, India

Zara Sochiye – *Utho beta, aankhein kholo*
Category: TVC
Absolutely spot on execution of music, visualisation and thought. An age-old problem, an age-old insight, brought to the limelight in a powerful way that not only makes the viewer stand up and take notice, but applaud. Agency: JWT Pakistan

Whopper Sacrifice
Category: Digital
Where most digital campaigns rely on forcing interaction through prizes, Likes or friend requests, Burger King broke the clutter with a truly shareworthy idea. What is the price of friendship? Apparently, three dollars. Which is bigger, your love for your friends or your love for the Whopper? A simple question answered with 232,566 friends being deleted. Facebook shut down the app; could it be more awesome?
Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA

Panda Cheese – Never say no to panda
Category: TVC
Don’t mess with the panda. I loved how this commercial brought in the shock factor, but not in the same tired way everyone else does. Shock doesn’t have to mean startling absurdity. Here, the panda seemed a natural part of the environment, but with just the right amount of strange. So don’t mess with panda; he will stare down your soul and destroy your day.
Agency: Advance Marketing, Egypt

Sukaina Moosavee is Associate Creative Director, Ogilvy and Mather Pakistan.