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Published in Jul-Aug 2016

Eight ads that are a must watch!

The Creative Director of JWT Pakistan shares his favourite ads.

Almarai – Ramazan mubarak

Category: TVC
Every Ramazan TVC shows huge quantities of food. In this one, Almarai demonstrates how hard farmers and their families work to fill our plates. A larger-than-life tabletop turns into fields and oceans where miniature people harvest crops, raise sheep and catch fish. It shows viewers how easy it is to waste food without realising the effort that went into producing it.
Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Saudi Arabia

Jazz – Dunya ko bata do

Category: Print
The probability of seeing a good concept in a telecom communication made in Pakistan is 0.23%. The Jazz relaunch print campaign made it to that number. Rather than painting a vague picture, the images show how this brand can help you make life better with data usage.
Agency: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi, Pakistan – Har pata humain pata hai

Category: TVC
In the midst of a million mushroom dotcoms it was refreshing to see a communication that stood out and made its mark. The ad shows a couple entering a fusty and rather disorganised shop in search of property. The shopkeeper and his sidekick search high and low and eventually find something ridiculously different from what they were looking for. A crisp product story compels us to visit the portal, ending on a brilliantly crafted sign-off, Har pata humain pata hai. Agency: Scooter Creatives, Pakistan

Bank Alfalah – Rising talent

Category: TVC
Almost every bank in Pakistan claims they will support your ambitions, or at least help you make things better with their products and network. Bank Alfalah did the same. But what makes it different from all the others is that this bank tells you real stories about real people who have done this with Bank Alfalah.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Pakistan

Apple Inc.

Category: Global Brand
Apple happened when signature American arrogance met pragmatism. Doing everything differently with a smirk is what makes Apple... well, Apple. From their identity to their products and their communication, they never submit, they stipulate – a trait that makes every Apple product not just a design piece, but a work of art.
Agency: Apple’s in-house creative group

Rose Petal – Raho clean

Category: TVC Humour is a tough horse to tame, but if done well, it can make a communication digestible to a wider audience. Rose Petal did just that. The TVC series features a character named Bhaigiene (a play upon bhai – Urdu for brother – and hygiene) who appears whenever the protagonists are about to overlook hygiene. A strategic shift from Rose Petal’s earlier positioning focused on heritage. Agency: Slingshot Films, Pakistan

Ikea stores

Category: Home Stores
When you are at any Ikea store in the world, you are not shopping; you are imagining an ideal home that can easily and affordably be furnished with the amazing things displayed around you. When filling up your cart you don’t think of the money, but the value it will add to your home-sweet-home. And that is the power of a carefully designed shoppers’ experience.
Agency: Ikea’s in-house creative group