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Published in Nov-Dec 2015

Top five faces of 2015

Media personalities who made headlines in 2015.

1 . Reham Khan – Marry in haste Now that is what you call jhat shaadi, pat divorce! During the 10 months she was married to Imran Khan, Reham Khan was in the eye of the storm. Any semblance of marital bliss was soon pierced by damning claims by the ex-husband, a controversy over fudged qualifications, a ban on political activity by her husband and a viral video with inappropriate dancing in the wrong clothes.  The only thing we know for sure though is that IK gave into his penchant for unsuitable women... again.

2 . Ayyan Ali – With love from Adiala Spa
Hands down the sexiest thing to float out of Adiala Jail! Supermodel Ayyan Ali stunned Pakistanis when images broke out on their TV screens of her hiding in her hoodie, while escorted to the police station for allegedly trying to smuggle out gobs of cash. The plot thickened as the media had a field day unearthing the big names behind the scandal. And no one batted an eyelash when month after month Ayyan emerged from jail looking as if she had just stepped out of a spa. Post-jail she visited Karachi University as chief guest (no less) for an event and left behind the expected train wreck.

3 . Hamza Ali Abbasi – Not-so-pyaara With an opinion on everything and a supersized mouth to go with it, controversy thy name is Hamza Ali Abbasi. His initial outburst on social media may have inadvertently courted controversy, but the man, who shot to fame as the lead in the TV serial Pyarey Afzal and a lead role in this year’s biggest Pakistani hit film Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, soon developed a taste for escalating ‘likes’ and frenzied comments on Facebook. In danger of becoming better known for his rants, than for his acting skills.

4 . Komal Rizvi – How to photo bomb your own selfie
It is a tragic fact that when you Google ‘Komal Rizvi’, the search engine informs you that the people who searched for her also searched for Abdul Sattar Edhi. Her self-absorbed selfie with the seriously ill philanthropist undergoing dialysis, broke the internet. And we learnt that it is possible to photo bomb your own selfie, and get more publicity for doing it than you ever could from an entire life spent displaying your talent. How simple was that now, Komal?

5 . Humayun Saeed – The Midas Touch
And he was also spotted in Manto. Lead roles, cameo roles, producer, Humayun Saeed is wearing all the filmi hats he can, and some that he can’t and shouldn’t (please lock away those dancing shoes!). With the record-breaking success of his laugh-a-minute home production JPNA and a lead role in Bin Roye, this year Humayun was the only one who tapped into the public that throng the wrong side of critical acclaim, figured out the winning formula and ran with it all the way to the box office.

Shahrezad Samiuddin is a pop culture junkie and a scriptwriter.