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Nadia Khan – the self-conferred 'Queen Khan' of morning shows

Published 18 Dec, 2015 04:17pm
[Opinion] Ten reasons why you should watch the Nadia Khan show.

The Nadia Khan Show is the real McCoy and the original morning show queen is back to remind us why she deserves her self-conferred title of ‘Queen Khan’. Here is why you should ditch every other morning show and watch the Nadia Khan Show every morning.

1) Khan is a natural, and possibly the only host in the world who calls her job “a spiritual experience”. One look at motor mouth, Mickey taking, brainwave-a-second Khan, and you know that the woman was born for the job.

2) Her show has created waves since its first week. A lesser host would have been daunted if her guest threw a last minute fit and refused to turn up for a live show. Not Khan. When Meera became violent behind the scenes and injured the show’s producer, Khan got together with BFF Tony and turned the show into a two hour marathon of Meera-bashing, peppered with embarrassing Meera-anecdotes. Riveting stuff.

3) Content, content, content - of the sensationalist variety maybe – but content it is. Khan doesn’t invite anyone on her show to talk niceties. When singer Shiraz Uppal came on, Khan made it her business to dig out the gory details of his riches-to-rags and radical-to-reformed story. The show is also where actor-director Azfar Ali almost announced his divorce (if you were smart, you got it) from actor Naveen Waqar, before officially going to the press about it. Khan also got old Lollywood (Saud and Noor) to name and shame those whom they consider had destroyed Lollywood, to find fault with the Lollywood revival and insist that they were better. Everything to ensure that you always return after the break.

4) Khan hates staged mehndis, shadis and valimas as part of morning shows as much as we do. Just to drive home the point, she got together with Mickey-taking duo Azfar and Mani and took the Mickey out of shaadi ceremonies by staging a spoof mehendi, complete with bad dancing and missing bride. Hopefully, Khan will stick to her resolve of never resorting to weddings and public daytime exorcisms - forever. Hopefully the trend will catch on with lesser shows. Forever.

5) In between all the hard work of cracking jokes, asking crazy questions and muckraking, Khan takes the time out to mother her audience. ‘Always use a sanitizer’, ‘Eat your greens’, ‘Drink real juice’ and ‘Exercise no matter how old you are’ she proclaims wisely from her throne.

6) If ever there were a race for the host who can out talk, outwit, out laugh, out joke, out mess about, and generally outdo, Khan will outrun all the minions in the morning slot. Dare I say the girl can carry a show, sans the guests and multiple segments.

7) Khan doesn’t need a fake audience that laughs and claps on cue while looking bored out of their minds. Her real audience sits on the other side of the screen.

8) A fumble is never cause for embarrassment in Khan’s world and neither are there ever any uncomfortable silences. Indeed, there are no awkward moments on the show, only excuses for more laughter directed both at herself and others.

9) Khan is almost always happy. And her ‘Happy to you’ birthday routine has become legendary and guaranteed to lift your day.

10) Tony (Khan’s onscreen BFF) looks like a big harmless teddy bear, but he is in fact with-it, quietly vicious and an all-purpose critic masquerading as a movie critic. Love him!

To sum up, in the words of Yoda: “There is no try, there is only do”. The other morning shows hosts try. Nadia Khan does.