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Five reasons why Lifebuoy’s Ramzan ad is the best of the lot

Published 16 Jul, 2015 01:10pm
From perfect casting to powerful commentary, Lifebuoy's Ramzan ad has got it all!

As part of its #GermfreeRamazan activation campaign, Lifebuoy recently released a video that created a whole lot of positive buzz on social media. Here are five reasons why this is one of the best Ramazan ads I have seen in a long time.

  1. It’s down to earth – no fancy dining tables laden with loads of dishes, no overly happy, shiny people… just a regular story set on the not-so-clean streets of Karachi with a young boy telling us why he enjoys Ramazan.

  2. It’s believable – children love going to their parent’s workplace, whether it’s an office or a shop. When the boy helps his father by putting samosas into a bag, I can tell he’s loving it. Children (and adults) also get sick from eating bahar ka khana – we can all relate!

  3. The casting is perfect – the boy is a sweetheart and his father actually looks like he could be a samosa wala, not an actor playing a part.

  4. The brand connection is natural – Lifebuoy’s part in the little boy’s story doesn’t seem forced or artificial. It makes perfect sense and reflects a consumer truth. We all buy fried foods during Ramazan and we are all concerned about the hygiene aspect. If I saw a Lifebuoy basin next to a samosa wala’s stall, I would feel far more comfortable about buying the food.

  5. The commentary is simple and effective – there’s no poetry in how the little boy talks about his father, just pure love. And that is far more powerful.

So without further delay, here is the video: