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Faraz Maqsood Hamidi

Peacocks & balls

Faraz Maqsood Hamidi sums up AdAsia 2019. Published Feb 20, 2020 10:27am

Welcome to CoLab

Faraz Maqsood discusses the transformations to look out for in the new agency structure Published Jan 20, 2020 09:55am

Idea logistics

We have taken them for granted because they come for free, mostly out of nowhere and are used (or abused) liberally,... Published Apr 27, 2019 09:52am

What's in a logo?

Brand custodians should remember what makes a logo good is a good brand. Not the other way around. Updated Sep 25, 2018 03:25pm

Aristotle’s audience

Aristotle is in favour of moving people with emotion to assist persuasion. Published Aug 28, 2018 12:14pm

The great outdoors

Why great conversations always take place outdoors. Published Jul 28, 2018 11:35am

Ms Sustainability

How brands can create beauty with a purpose. Published Jul 27, 2018 05:48pm

Back to black

Why print is here to stay. Published Jul 27, 2018 05:45pm