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Ready to Make an Exciting New Hair Change?

Updated 12 Jul, 2021 10:07am
The new range of KalaKola hair colour will make you want to go ash blonde one day and mahogany the next.
Photo: KalaKola
Photo: KalaKola

KalaKola’s latest TVC has heads turning toward the gorgeous singing sensation Aima Baig and her vibrant, lustrous locks. As Baig paints the town red in the TVC, we are tempted to “level up” our hair game... from Hazel Blonde to Ash Blonde, Baig showcases KalaKola’s bold new range.

A heritage brand since the 1950s, KalaKola was the first to launch hair colour in Pakistan and is an essential brand for Gen X ers. With the spunky new TVC however, the brand aims to reconnect with younger audiences. They do so by depicting a group of young, hip girlfriends out for a perfect summer drive, having brunch and dancing the night away; highlighting the stunning new range with Baig’s glossy, coloured hair bouncing away to the catchy, upbeat music (sung by Baig herself). Moreover, KalaKola has got its hip theme on point with the catchy lyrics “Sunaye kahani, banaye deewana sab ko mera har rang!” that have us grooving.

Baig’s graceful yet bubbly persona resides well with younger audiences as Baig is not only a singer but also a trend setter and fashion icon on social media. More so, KalaKola’s colourful new range also protects your hair from potential dye damage with the use of Vitamin E and olive oil. Kala Kola hair colors maintain the shine and luster of your hair while giving it a long-lasting new look. So, Millennials can take away that KalaKola hair colour can be both a fun and reliable choice for their next hair change.

Major “hairspiration” vibes? Yes!

It is the light-hearted, fun environment that Baig and her friends are enjoying that attracts us to KalaKola’s latest proposition to “Level up your Hair!” The brand’s Facebook page and other social media handles have been an active part of the campaign in revealing Aima Baig as the new KalaKola girl. Fans showed their appreciation all over social media and were kept engaged by the brand through short contests and viral discussions such as ‘Which of the six new fashion shades of KalaKola would you like to try?’

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

The brand is essentially repositioning itself from the concept of using KalaKola to hide greying/white hair to a fun new concept of using the many shades of KalaKola to give your hair game a lift. As Baig shows off a variety of shades in the TVC, it establishes KalaKola as a style brand rather than a necessary colour coat. The campaign is a major departure from the traditional KalaKola image, bringing home the objective of making KalaKola a brand that connects with the youth.

Established legacy brands that have been a part of Pakistan’s market for the past 30+ years are at times at the risk of slipping into the ‘dated’ category of products and brands. Such image revamps help bring these brands back into the limelight and connect with current times and audiences.

The 10 new shades, including six fashion shades (Hazel blonde, Ash Blonde, Mocca, Burgundy, Mahogany and Blue Black) are available online and in stores nationwide.

This content has been produced as a paid partnership with KalaKola.