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JazzCash Business: A One-Stop Financial Platform for SMEs

Published 24 May, 2021 05:49pm
Hassan Javed on what Jazz's new venture entails.

Earlier this month, JazzCash launched a Business App to bring ease and convenience to their rapidly growing merchant base of small to medium business owners. The app promises users state-of-the-art tools for efficient financial and business management, allowing for digital payment acceptance without the headache of a bank account registration process.

Although the number of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are on the rise in Pakistan, only a few thousand accept digital payments, making this sector a predominately cash-based one. This app aims to encourage a cashless economy by becoming a go to for these businesses. It will allow users to receive payments through QR codes, reconcile transactions, disburse salaries and make payments for stock procurement.

Since its launch, the app has been downloaded by thousands of users, although the feedback has revealed a number of issues. The majority of the complaints revolve around inconveniences caused by errors while setting up accounts. Users have reported issues with one-time-passwords (OTP) which were received multiple times leading to the app giving various errors and failing to recognise the code. The glitch was fixed by the app’s technical team, although there still seems to be a number of other platform related problems identified by users. For example, the registration is not as easy a process as promised because users have to register for an account from a different number because according to Jazz, they cannot track transactions of JazzCash and JazzCash Business simultaneously from a single phone number and therefore users can only register for JazzCash Business through a new number. With JazzCash actively working on removing the bugs from the app, let’s take a look at the current user experience:

Design: The app features a sleek layout. Once the app is opened, users are greeted with a login page, inviting them to register for an account. There is also an option available for users to explore the app as guests. The UI design is clean and the navigation and information architecture both focus on easy usability. Users will find a snapshot of their financial position at a glance on the homepage.

This results in a clean interface with impeccable information architecture, encouraging users to use every feature the app has to offer. The homepage displays the user’s owner’s daily transactions and can also be customised with the widgets most often used by the user.

Business Wallet: Users have the option to top their JazzCash Business wallet using three options: a debit card, a bank or through a JazzCash agent.

Request Payments and Generate Invoices: Users can send, track and manage their payment requests and invoices and easily send reminders for delayed payments.

Instant Payment Refunds to Customers: Merchants can conveniently refund payments directly to the customer’s account by using payment refund option.

Business QR Code: Merchants can receive digital payments from their customers via QR codes, which are provided at the time of registration. This QR code can be viewed either digitally from the app or shared with customers using the in-app share feature.

Order your JazzCash Business Debit Card: Users can order, track and manage their JazzCash Business debit card using the app. On receiving the card, they can manage their card’s PIN and card blocking through the app.

Account and Tax Statements: Merchants can track their business performance on the go by monitoring real-time transaction history. They can also receive account and tax statements through their email for complete visibility.

Swift Salary/Bill Payments: All supplier payments and employee salaries can be managed at one place. Users can pay utility bills or purchase mobile load and bundles and bus tickets from their JazzCash Business app.

Availability: The JazzCash Business app is currently only available for download on Google Play Store for Android; however, Jazz say the iOS version is on the way.

The Verdict: We love the fact that the app provides a one-stop digital solution for the SME sector, which still lacks the tools and resources to adopt digital transformation. This will enable business owners to manage their financial requirements. By taking advantage of secure, real-time payments through the app, they can achieve higher efficiencies. Considering that this data-driven app is still new, it is only fair to give developers room to observe and fix the issues that arise as the number of users increases. It is certainly an exciting step towards digitally empowering SME businessmen and can have a significant impact towards furthering economic development in the sector.

Hassan Javed is an electronics industry marketing expert.