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Campaign Watch (Nov-Dec 2021)

Published in Nov-Dec 2021

Aneera Fareed lists some of her favourite ads from the past year.

Think about the times you watched a commercial that didn’t seem remarkable at first. Yet, your unapologetic inner voice kept whispering, “I like this.” Is there anything special about these ads? Probably. So, what makes these ads effective or even memorable? Allow me to walk you through a couple of recent ads to answer this question. These commercials may seem average to some of you, but they have what it takes to become unforgettable. In some cases, it is the jingle, in others, the visuals or cameos and for a lot of them, the tagline.

Brand: Easypaisa

Agency: Ogilvy and Bionic Films

Campaign: Piiiiin Chorrrrr

Message: Beware: protect your Easypaisa pin.

Effectiveness: The bold, feisty and humorous execution of Easypaisa’s latest fraud awareness campaign is well-executed. This is not just any other meaningless jingle; rather, it’s a thoughtful device to shame all those scammers who attempt to steal people’s hard-earned money, where during those sequences when different people sing (read: yell) into their phones, “piiiiin chorrrrr”– they actually almost seem as if they were swearing. For the right reasons! This ‘yell’ systematically does the following: alerts audiences about scammers; encourages audiences to reprimand them and informs audiences what action to take. Anyone can be a scam victim and the anger or frustration that comes with it is aptly depicted in the commercial. It’s amazing!

Verdict: The ad successfully hammers a new word into our minds and at the same, time, builds trust with the assurance that ‘ab nahi bachain gey yeh pin chor’!

Brand: Foodpanda

Agency: Contentory Inc. and Rabbit Hole

Campaign: Pandamart

Message: Enjoy your essentials anytime with Pandamart.

Effectiveness: Let’s admit it; Foodpanda almost always conjures up food images. Therefore, to tap into the brand’s non-food aspects may not have been an easy feat. Despite this, the recent Pandamart commercial has grabbed people’s attention with its wholehearted splash of neon-pink (pink panda), and cheerful vibes. You can picture yourself in the protagonist’s shoes, in those unhappy times when you ran out of essentials. The ad makes such situations seem easy and manageable. While the convenience of the app is convincing, sweeping statements like “Sub kuch available hai” or “Jab bhi, jo bhi chahiye ho” are overkill. They may be intended to instil positivity about the brand, but they are just as likely to fuel complaints and negative statements, especially on social media – because everything may not be available. Nonetheless, the commercial does a fine job of reminding us that the pink panda can really save us in times of need.

Verdict: The relatability and the insight underlying the commercial makes the message convincing.

Brand: Innovative Biscuits – Tooo Gud

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf Group and Tall Man Films

Campaign: Tooo Gud 2021

Message: Aspire to do better than good.

Effectiveness: When an ad opens at a tense tea party, the sequence of the ad seems predictable – a woman’s domestic skills will be highlighted and discussed. Except, in this campaign by Innovative Biscuits, nothing goes as expected. In this situation, the tea the guests are appreciating (“Tooo gud”) has been prepared by the son. This is only one of the three-series of Tooo Gud campaigns by Innovative. All three videos use similar devices to get the message across: minimum use of words, a variety of expressions and an unexpected turn of events. The ads challenge our notions regarding gender, age and responsibilities, thereby speaking volumes without being too preachy. Although the messages are meaningful, in this ad there is too much emphasis on the tea and not enough on the biscuits. Sure, tea and biscuits go together, but in this case, more attention could have been given to the biscuits in the storylines.

Verdict: You may remember this ad for highlighting the unexpected. However, you are less likely to remember what the ad was about.

Brand: Lipton

Agency: Bulls Eye DDB

Campaign: Chai Chahiye

Message: Chai is important in relationships; chai is life.

Effectiveness: Lipton’s recent campaign uses what is called ‘comfort food’ in advertising – nostalgia. From playing a lively rendition of the seventies’ “Chai Chahiye” jingle to showing strong bonds and connections, Lipton urges us to focus on the things we know are great. While the lyrics of the jingle make us yearn for the past, the upbeat music adds a contemporary twist. And as one breezes through the different relationships depicted, the ad endorses togetherness and closeness – the kind of togetherness that is accompanied by differences. Lipton does not stand for a single, generic way of enjoying chai. Instead, all ways of drinking tea are welcomed; from transparent cups and tall mugs to fat mugs or no mugs, this commercial adds another layer to the “kaunsi janab?” question. Besides, the quirky group dance at the end is bound to put a smile on your face.

Verdict: It’s nostalgic and enjoyable – definitely my cup of tea.

Brand: Peek Freans Cake Up

Agency: Vivek Kakar and Viral Edge

Campaign: Happy Teacher’s Day

Message: Children have important lessons for us, just like their teachers.

Effectiveness: This buoyant message is conveyed through the voices and actions of the children depicted. Hearing and watching these children spout life lessons along the lines of “Daro kum hanso ziada” and “Forget koi dekh raha hai” stirs positivity, encourages confidence and makes the ad cute and amusing – all in less than a minute. Apart from the branding in the corner, the product itself makes a casual appearance in one of the frames, thereby reiterating what Cake Up is communicating – “real goodness inside.” The subliminal messaging regarding how creative, confident and kind children are is achieved for both Cake Up and their advertising partner Hopscotch. It shows how forging partnerships and collaborations are so important for brands.

Verdict: There is real goodness inside this ad for the brand and for the audience.

Aneera Fareed is Social Media Manager, BBDO. Pakistan.