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Freelancing: The Way Forward

Published 09 Dec, 2021 10:42am
Zohra Iftikhar on why people should pick up freelancing gigs.

Do you like the idea of becoming your own boss? Let me tell you something. To become your own boss, you don't have to give up your stable, full-time job. How? Freelancing; as a freelancer, you have complete control over your work schedule, prices and clients.

According to E-Rozgaar (a project by the Punjab Government to reduce unemployment and bring foreign currency into the country, especially for young people), there are now nine percent Pakistanis who consider themselves self-employed freelancers. There are 36 E-Rozgaar facilities around the country to support freelancing and provide access to many freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and PeoplePerHour. For Pakistani freelancers, outsourcing has become a major business as more global IT businesses, like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and HP are using Pakistani freelancers. On the Oxford Internet Institute's 2017 Online Labor Index for Freelancers, Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world.

Website content creation, book writing, financial management, video editing and design, CSS/HTML, website design, and many more skills such as providing accounting services, managing records and assisting business and giving advice are in high demand. Due to these skills which are available online and can be provided from the comfort of one’s house, they have a huge number of service providers and clientele as well.

Pakistan's younger generation is increasingly turning to freelancing as a career option. Several experts in the field of freelancing are happy to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers, paving the road for them. Hisham Sarwar and Shehzeen Rahat are two of the top freelancers in Pakistan; they don't just provide services but also train and impart their skills to the future generation. Freelancing was introduced to Pakistan for the first time by these Pakistani freelancers. Their appeal is due to the fact that they educate the younger generation by sharing personal experiences and offering guidance.

One of the largest IT centers in Pakistan has been constructed by the Pakistani government in Rawalpindi for the country's freelancing IT professionals. Additionally, this facility provides a co-working area, high-speed internet, and assistance to Pakistan's IT sector and the country's young people. Co-working spaces are a great way for people to keep motivated and on track by meeting other people who share their interests. These co-working places establish an office setting and offer assistance, talent, resource sharing, and storage options. Each year Pakistan's freelancing industry brings in more than $500 million in revenue.

For Pakistani and other freelancers, Upwork and Fiver have opened the door to working with foreign clients by allowing them to market their abilities and attract clients. You have the ability to work with clients both domestically and abroad. A bank transfer allows you to accept payment from anywhere in the globe. Freelancing has become more convenient in Pakistan because to payment gateways offered by local telecoms such as Jazz/Warid and Telenor. These portals are easy to use and provide a safe way to conduct business.

Interested in becoming a freelancer? Make a list of your favorite pastimes and brainstorm ways to monetize them from the comfort of your own home.