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Spreading Smiles

Updated 29 Apr, 2021 05:54pm
Peek Freans is Spreading Smiles All Over the Internet with Their New Smile Donut Cake

When it comes to delicious food, one can get a bit overwhelmed with indecisiveness, especially if one has to choose between something as delectable as a cake and a donut.

But thanks to Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, EBM, that’s one hard decision we don't have to make anymore. Makers of Peek Freans recently introduced their new Smile Donut Cake; a center-filled donut cake coated with delicious icing and sprinkles.

What’s So Special About the New Smile Donut Cake?

A lot, actually.

Its sugary-sweet icing, topped with sprinkles combined with a centre filling of creamy goodness makes one forget the need to splurge on fancy restaurants to satisfy their cravings for gooey cakes and donuts.

At just Rs 25, this donut cake is currently available in two different flavours - chocolate and strawberry and makes for the ideal pick-me-up after a rough day at work or home.

With this new introduction in the cake category, EBM has stayed true to its promise of providing consumers with only the very best of treats. With the all-new Smile Donut Cake, EBM hopes that every bite of the unique, creamy treat brings plenty of joy and happiness to consumers.

The Great Reveal

One of the most unique things about EBM’s new Smile Donut Cake (apart from the fact that it is oh so delicious) is that it serves as a reminder to continue smiling, even during the hardest of times; a sentiment promoted by EBM through its recent #GottaSmile campaign which encourages us to find time, amid the hustle and bustle of our everyday routine, and appreciate life and smile more often. With their latest campaign, the brand has gotten everyone – even some of our most favourite celebs – convinced that they #GottaSmile more often.

Here’s a look at everything that has been happening online: Ramsha Khan believes the new cake is a total game changer – and we agree!

Is that a Cheshire cat grin on Saheefa Jabbar’s face? No points for guessing why she is so happy.

Aima Baig can't choose between chocolate and strawberry, and honestly, we can’t blame her. Have a look at what she posted:

Content creators were also intrigued by the fascinating donut and cake combo. Our favourite influencers like Shahveer Jaffery, Areeka Haq, Romaisa Khan and others also got on to the #GottaSmile bandwagon and shared unique content to tell us why they’re in love with the new donut cakes.

Shahveer Jaffery is obsessed! And it’s not too hard to understand why.

Surprise, surprise! Areeka Haq has found some treats she can’t get enough of.

Can’t decide what’s more eye-catching in this post! Romaisa Khan’s stunning eye makeup or those sprinkley donut cakes?

Following this social media takeover by EBM’s new Smile Donut Cake, several PR packages containing cute donut cake baskets wrapped in soft net and ribbons were sent to major celebs and influencers. Each basket had a QR code that, when scanned, led to a fascinating Instagram post that created a lot of buzz online.

Finally, the big reveal was made on the International Day of Happiness, i.e. March 20 (how apt!) where a unique smile filter was introduced, celebrating the launch of the new Smile Donut Cakes as well as the brand’s aim to spread joy.

Celebrities and influencers were more than happy to unbox their packages for their fans!

Check out how Aashir Wajahat unboxes his:

Here’s Aashir Wajahat playing around with the filter after the reveal:

To add to the party, several influencers posted GIFs that initially showed them as sad and then immediately smiling upon indulging in the deliciousness of the new Smile Donuts.

Outdoor hangouts reduced due to the pandemic? No problem! The new donut cakes are what Sami Khan recommends for all those who are sitting bored at home. Check this out:

For years, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) has been serving the nation tasteful delicacies in the most unique and innovative ways imaginable. Therefore, it is no wonder that everyone expects the brand to take things up a notch yet again with the latest addition in their cake segment. The company strives to provide consumers with the best experiences and hopes people will enjoy this new treat as much as the other products by the brand.

This content has been produced as a paid partnership with EBM.