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A Few of my Favourite Things

Published in Sep-Oct 2019

A review of some of the recent advertising campaigns.

Coca-Cola – Hum Aik Hain

Agency: Soho Square

Category: TV/Digital

Coca-Cola launched their official anthem to celebrate the Cricket World Cup 2019. This is the time when marketers gear up to wrap their brands in the Pakistani flag. This film makes you want to get up and dance, all while tugging at your heartstrings. It highlights the different musical instruments, monuments and traditions that distinguish Pakistan’s provinces. In a country where ethnic and sectarian differences exist, the brand is spot-on in rolling out positive vibes. The film was better than the Shaadi Aur Hum campaign which featured Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir. I haven’t been able to understand what happened there.

Surf Excel – Eesar Ek Ibadat

Agency: MullenLowe Lintas Group/MullenLowe Rauf Group

Category: TV/Digital

A tear-jerker and a lot better than most of the Ramzan ads this year. A mother recites a dua for her son’s safety. Following this, his hands clasped together the boy runs to his friend’s house. His friend is unwell and he transfers his mother’s dua to the friend with the words: “Meri Salamati Ki Dua Tum Rakh Lo, Ameen.” Surf Excel always hits the right note when it comes to emotion, this time reminding audiences about the true meaning of Ramzan.

Saffolalife – Dil Ki Haalat, Pet Se Pakad (World Heart Day 2018)

Agency: McCann Mumbai

Category: Digital

This important message is communicated in the lightest way possible. It aims to build awareness and educate people on the effects abdominal fat can have on the heart and inspire people to begin their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. This film depicts humorous moments with families and friends holding in their abdominal fat. However, in reality, this is not funny given that abdominal fat puts one’s heart at risk.

Apple AirPods – Bounce

Agency: TBWA Media Arts Lab

Category: Digital

My favourite ad this year and one of the most satisfying ones I have watched in a long time. You know how music makes you move, dance and groove? Apple takes this to a cheerful extreme in their gravity-defying ad for AirPods. Watch the world become a trampoline. Rather than being burdened by bulky (read: ugly) headphones, wires and a jack, AirPods have a wireless charging feature, thus liberating the user to go wander off anywhere.

Peak Freans – Real Rishtay

Agency: Ogilvy India & Ogilvy Pakistan

Category: TV/Digital

Emotionally charged ads are not unusual, especially when brands remind us about the selflessness of a mother. Peak Freans does this by portraying the life of a working mother. The star is the child, who craves her company. Soon he realises she knows everything and is always there for him. Here are the lessons: you remain the constant in your child’s life; discipline is derived from ‘disciple’; be the child’s leader; teach your children empathy.

Nike – Dream Crazier

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Category: TV/Digital

This film puts the spotlight on women athletes. Starring Serena Williams, it focuses on women who have broken barriers and inspired young athletes to never give up. It encourages women in sports to conquer gender bias and unfair stereotyping. Williams highlights her struggles as well those of women in different sports who

have been labelled all sorts of things. The ad is real and inspiring. No one else except Williams could have done justice to it as she has been a subject of racist and gender bias throughout her career. Her message: “If they call you crazy, show them what crazy can do.”

Krone Xtreme Series – The Quick Rescue

Agency: Arey Wah

Category: TV/Digital

The film captures a national summer problem – perspiration and body odour. I am not sure how effective the product is, but the ad was good. One fine morning, people are busy at work when a co-worker walks in. As he passes by, people begin to smell something. As he is about to take off his jacket, a co-worker begs him not to. The moment the jacket is off, the co-worker screams “run” and everyone begins to evacuate the building as they choke and the alarm system goes off. The emergency services arrive, with Fahad Mustafa in the lead. They find their target who is busy stretching his arms. They shoot him with gigantic guns loaded with bottles of Krone Xtreme and everything goes back to normal.

Kingtox – Dimagh Ka Keera

Agency: Arey Wah & iDcreations

Category: TV

This one was hilarious. It is about a tea-boy bringing in tea and biscuits to his boss. He is new at office and the boss decides to tell him exactly how he wants his tea and biscuits served. For a minute and 20 seconds, the boss goes on and on about how it should be done. Incredible how the agency managed to film this is in a way that they managed not to lose the interest of the audience within the first 30 seconds. It ends with “dimagh kay keerhay kay ilawa, har keerhay ko maaray”. This ad is a good example of how a message can be communicated with minimal dialogue.

Sheema Khan is Sr. Manager Communications & Strategy, Woot.