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A Few of my Favourite Things

Published in Jan-Feb 2019

Some of best recent ad campaigns.

National Police Bureau – Police Awam Saath Saath

Category: TV, Digital
Let’s face it! We are accustomed to seeing lots of image-building campaigns by government institutions, political parties and so-called welfare societies. These communications sometimes highlight issues, break taboos and provide a jolt of realisation. Yet, most of the time, these voices are lost in the clutter of our media space. For a change, the National Police Bureau launched an initiative to create bottom-up pressure, i.e. civil society and the police authorities, joining together and pressurising the legislative bodies to amend the ‘centuries old’ police law. The first phase was to humanise the police and to achieve this goal, it was necessary to convince the public and break stereotypes that linger in their minds. The second step then was to highlight the actual problem that needs amending.
Agency: Morango Films

Pampers Pants – #DadsCanChange

Category: TV, Digital
The stereotype in our society is that a mother must always cater to the needs of her children while the father only looks after the financial needs and plays the decision-maker’s role. In this touching and linear story, Pampers Pants nudge us towards the notion that happy and healthy baby development needs a balanced involvement of both parents.
Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

PEL Coloron – Rang Jama Ke Dekh

Category: TV
The Rang Jama Ke Dekh idea for PEL’s Coloron is a beautiful bouquet of sights and sounds from our culture. The use of vibrant colours in breathtaking locations, blended with iconic cultural elements and layered with a very memorable tune from Pakistan is definitely something worth watching on a TV screen.
Agency: Red Communication Arts

Careem – Akele Na Jana Extra Kamayi Chor Kar

Category: TV
Hats off to the Careem marketing team. They successfully enabled thousands of middle-class Pakistanis and defied the stereotypes that prevent ordinary people from adopting convenient and honourable earning solutions.
Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett

UBL Digital App – The New You

Category: TV
The TVC has a feel of newness to it, transcending the corporate image into the digital era. It highlights the functionality of the product and connects with the Millennial market.
Agency: Bulls Eye DDB

Unilever India – The Shower

Category: TV
It takes us 15 minutes to have a shower, five minutes to brush our teeth, one minute to wash our hands and 30 seconds to flush our stuff down the toilet. Can you imagine how many gallons of filtered drinkable water we waste every day in just 21 minutes and 30 seconds? This is precisely what this effective communication instantly makes you think, albeit regrettably in less than a breathless minute. It smartly highlights the water scarcity crisis and the dilemma of the rural/urban divide in South Asia.
Agency: Ogilvy India

Ufone – Network Quality

Category: TV
From humour to genuine emotion, Ufone transcends into a new territory. From their iconic Teri Meharbani to ‘Naram Saa Tu Hay who would have thought the same brand could execute a graceful turn in creative direction and adopt a thoughtful, caring and simpler approach? Yet, they achieve it with flying colours. The stories they have crafted are filled with heart-striking moments and weaved around believable characters. The social nuances are insightful and relatable to their local audiences.
Agency: JWT Pakistan

IKEA Italy – The Room: Violence Against Women Campaign

Category: OOH
Ambient advertising created by DDB Italy for IKEA, within their house, garden and retail services spaces. They strategically placed a composed wall within the home improvement section of stores and played real domestic violence stories. A direct message aimed at their customers says: “Domestic violence is closer than you think; sometimes there is just a wall between you and it.” This was supported by theatrical performances at scheduled times reinforcing those stories. The key takeout of this robust campaign was summed up in a direct message from the iconic brand: at IKEA you can find room for everything but there is no room for violence.
Agency: DDB Italy

Shakeeb Faruqui is Creative Director, Blitz Advertising.