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Tetra Pak Pakistan wins JIPM’s Advance Special TPM Award

Updated 24 Dec, 2018 05:12pm

Tetra Pak's Factory in Lahore becomes the first in Pakistan to reach this level of manufacturing excellence.

Earlier this month, Tetra Pak Pakistan announced that their packaging material factory in Lahore received the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance’s (JIPM) prestigious Advanced Special Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Award for manufacturing excellence.

According to Jorge Montero, Managing Director, Tetra Pak Pakistan, “The stringent assessment processes cover the entire operations from the shop floor to the executive boardroom, and the award can only be received by firms which demonstrate a true company-wide commitment to production distinction.”

Speaking to Aurora, Mansoor Zaman, Factory Director, Tetra Pak Pakistan said that “the award is a landmark achievement for the company… This is the first factory in the country to reach this level of manufacturing excellence. We are extremely proud to establish a world-class standard in Pakistan which not only enhances the confidence of our customers to work with a reliable partner, but also identifies the potential of our employees to match the highest level of professionalism.”

The factory was established in 2010 with an investment of 91.2 million euros, and is one of the largest Tetra Pak factories in the world. In addition to providing packaging to local companies in Pakistan, the factory also exports packaging products worth billions of rupees each year to various countries including Australia, India, Indonesia, Iran, South Africa and Vietnam. Within a year of being established, the Lahore-based factory received the Best Factory of the Year Award in 2012 from Tetra Pak; their factories around the world competed for this award.