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Published in Nov-Dec 2018

Campaign Watch

A review of some of the latest advertising campaigns.

In today’s ad-mad world, audiences are bombarded with thousands of ads, making it increasingly impossible for them to pay attention to them or remember them. The reality is that only those ads that are different and experimental are the ones most likely to work. Sometimes such ads succeed in their experiment and sometimes they raise eyebrows. Here are five ads, which in my opinion, did succeed in getting their point across.

BRAND: Dalda

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf

Campaign: #MeriAwaz

Message: Listen to your own voice.

Effectiveness: Of all the types of love, a mother’s is the strongest. A mother’s instinct to protect her baby starts from the moment she knows she is expecting and remains until eternity, and this involves making the right choices for her children. Dalda, in their latest campaign, have addressed a very important and long-prevailing issue in our society. The TVC aims to equip girls to fight against body-shaming, self-doubt and gender inequality by making them healthy and mentally strong. The idea that a mother has outgrown these issues, and is now teaching her daughter to do the same, is a beautiful and empowering idea.

Verdict: A message that needs to be taken to wider audiences.

BRAND: Glint

Agency: RED Communication Arts

Campaign: Makes Glass Invisible

Message: No matter how observant you are, there is a good chance you will run into a glass that has recently been wiped with Glint.

Effectiveness: We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine. Many memorable ad campaigns are funny. Laughter delivers large doses of dopamine and serotonin (mood lifting chemicals). What better way to communicate your message than with well-done humour? In adopting humour, one of the most important things to keep in mind is relevance to the product. Glint did this in their latest campaign. The attributes of the product are shown in the simplest way and yet deliver the full force of the idea.

Verdict: A good laugh that delivers the message just as well.

BRAND: Huawei Nova 3 series

Agency: BBDO Pakistan

Campaign: Ai Selfie Superstar

Message: Not all selfies are created equal.

Effectiveness: In Huawei’s latest TVC, Aima Baig is the new face of the Nova 3 series. The choice could not have been better; by singing the jingle and showing her trendy personality, she truly reflects the brand’s persona. Taking selfies is no longer a trend; it has become a habit. No matter where you are or what you are doing, there is always time to take a few selfies. The TVC showcases this; in a world where selfie is the biggest form of self-expression, being a superstar is just a click away.

Verdict: Catchy jingle, youthfulness, fast cuts; ticking all the right boxes.

BRAND: Xcell Mobile

Agency: Manghi Communication Solutions

Campaign: Champion Bano

Message: The champion within.

Effectiveness: If the story you are telling doesn’t reflect your customers’ story, you are not inspiring them to make compelling decisions and take action. The most fundamental human emotions are power, affiliation and achievement. Xcell has beautifully told the story of a father and son; the son’s temporary failures and how his father helps him overcome his mental barriers.

Verdict: Five minutes and 18 seconds of champion-making.

BRAND: Surhan Tea

Agency: Checkmate Inc

Campaign: Sindh Ji Surhan

Message: Sindh’s real taste.

Effectiveness: If it were up to me, I would declare tea as the national drink of Pakistan. Life without tea is as empty as a body without a soul. The key to successful advertising is to persuade people that yours is the product they need. The word surhan, which means fragrance, is nothing new to Sindhi culture. The tea effectively encapsulates the aroma of Sindhi culture which can easily be felt in the TVC as well. The jingle is in Sindhi and shows the diversity that makes up Sindhi culture.

Verdict: Soothing and colourful.

Shayan Yousuf is Account Manager, Bond Advertising.