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Published in Sep-Oct 2018

Campaign Watch

A review of some of the latest advertising campaigns.

Lucky to write at this time of the year when brands are coming up with some crazy and cool campaigns. Independence Day saw people of all ages participating in green drives, given the growing climate change awareness among Pakistanis. Brands also participated in these initiatives. While Pakistanis were enjoying and celebrating the perks of living in an independent country, brands made them realise the importance of looking after it. The year 2018 has been great so far in terms of creative execution. Agencies have come up with some great ideas and some have got it right. Here is my take on five campaigns that caught my attention.

1. Total Parco

Agency: Creative Bugs

Campaign: #KeepPakistanClean

Message: Let’s team up to clean up!

Effectiveness: What a great start! The nostalgic and patriotic song Ye Watan Tumhara Hai hit the right note. A guy pulls up in his car at a takeaway burger joint. Once he has finished eating, he is about to throw the wrapping of his burger, along with his paper napkin, out of his window when the ghost of his grandfather suddenly appears. I love grandpa’s lines! Kudos to the copywriters! How creatively and precisely the concept of independence and our responsibilities were connected with some intelligently put words. One thing that created a bit of clutter was the constant repetitions of the word azaadi. Clearly azaadi was meant to be the punch line of the dialogue; however content writers need to understand that emphasis can be applied to a word in multiple ways and not necessarily by repeating them in almost every sentence. Another odd thing was the idea of a GHOST grandpa. Really? Why not alive? Overall, a good take on making people realise what azaadi actually is and also a clear understanding of our responsibilities towards Pakistan.

Verdict: Emotional, thought-provoking and action-oriented!


Agency: IW Ideas Workshop

Campaign: P for Pakistan

Message: Rhythm of Independence.

Effectiveness: What an amazing portrayal of our culture and traditions. Couldn’t see a single famous face. This is what independence should be about; common people and their bonding. Covering a panorama of landscapes, bazaars, buildings and fields, PTCL has communicated a message of progress, oneness and diversity. No art directed cliché shots; just everything going smoothly with the flow. Raw as it should be! Young people, the elderly and adults – all together, celebrating, collaborating and inspiring each other with their thoughts and talents. It has been a long time since a communication has focused on ordinary people. At a time when our minorities are facing severe problems, this campaign encourages diversity and inclusion. Where P stands for multiple amazing words as shown in the ad – P is for Pakistan!

Verdict: Pretty straight and motivational. Lovely!

3. Peek Freans Sooper

Agency: Prestige GREY Communications

Campaign: Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon

Message: Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna.

Effectiveness: Pakistani music had a great journey in the last decades of 20th century. Who can forget the masterpieces produced by Junoon? Sayonee, Laal Meri Pat, and Hai Jazba, Junoon are some of their best loved songs. And what better than a reunion of the band after so many years? The idea generated a crazy hype and put Sooper in the spotlight. A great idea! And a great idea can only remain great with good execution. Compared to what Junoon used to perform, this time, they looked as though they were forced into this. Wisely choosing one of their super hits Khudi (verses by Allama Iqbal), Sooper has connected and paid tribute to Pakistan’s heroes including Ronak Lakhani, Shaheer Niazi, Laraib Atta and Fakhar Zaman in different fields. The idea is a masterstroke, the brand connection with the tagline ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’ is there but I still felt something was missing in the junoon of Junoon. And Zaman is a left-handed batsman! How can you even forget this?

Verdict: Loved the idea! ... But did not come out as expected.


Agency: In-house

Campaign: Har Pata, Humain Pata Hai

Message: We will help you find a house, but only you can make it a home.

Effectiveness: Wow! Touching perfectly that soft corner of our heart. This campaign highlights one of the most important topics, which is lack of attention towards the family. Fawad’s acting skills work as the cherry on the top. have a very nice brand connect with the message of “making the house a home is in your own hands.” Great job by the creatives here. This ad promises us that our advertising industry is in good hands. Although the concept, execution and impact are right on target, I felt it dragged on for a bit too long. The message could have been as impactful had it been delivered under three minutes; but almost six minutes of my life? Too many beauty shots.

Verdict: Meaningful, clear and touchy. We need more of these concepts!

5. Josh

Agency: In-house

Campaign: New Josh Menthol

Message: Thanda matlab... Aaaaahh!

Effectiveness: Apart from being witty and seductive, this campaign has great humour. The concept is delivered really nicely and once again we can look for a brand war. Whereas in the past, Pakistan’s favourite hot drink chai has been in a war with brands such as Coca-Cola, this time the competition is a bit out of context. When the guy feels tired after shifting stuff into a new home, he offers a cup of tea to his wife. Mathira’s response is a direct call for the menthol pack in the carton. And this guy has a whole carton. Crazy! Jokes apart, the message and execution are up to the mark considering the genre of the product.

Verdict: Funny, strong brand connect and right on the feels! ... Kind of.

Shujauddin Allauddin is Creative Designer and Illustrator, Ishtehari.