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A few of my favourite things

Published in Jan-Feb 2018

Creative Manager, IAL Saatchi and Saatchi, picks her eight favourite ads.

Adamjee Life Insurance – Dream Out Loud

Category: TV/Digital

This campaign had amazing insight and a moving execution. It is true that too often, in trying to make the future safe for our children, we end up snatching choices from their hands. From a brand that is about future planning, this message is well-suited and welcome.
Agency: Digital HeadQuarters, Pakistan

Tapal Family Mixture – Mukkamal Chai, Mukkamal Ghar

Category: TV

This ad succeeded in linking a product feature to a customer insight that was real and relatable. The message communicates that although there may be a lot of disparity between the older and younger daughters-in-law, family means getting along despite the differences and harmonising individual strengths to present a united front. The execution and contrasting VO conveys this in an interesting way.
Agency: Wundernerf, Pakistan

Halo Top – Eat the Ice Cream

Category: TV

My second pick veers a bit on the weird side. It’s eerie and unsettling premise stems from a very basic insight: ‘we want ice-cream when dealing with bad news’. I really enjoyed the creatively exaggerated direction that went with that insight.
Agency: Lord Danger, USA

MISEREOR – The Social Swipe

Category: OOH

The insight-driven product innovation is beautiful and evocative. This campaign delights on both technical and emotional levels by making interactive posters that enable people to place a donation with a swipe (no additional steps), and by letting the person making the donation know how they have helped, thus injecting hope and positivity into charity-based advertising.
Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Germany

Instagram – Stories Are Everywhere

Category: OOH/Digital

This campaign does something incredibly creative by showing us the possibilities in small, everyday moments. I like the fact that they put themselves in their customer’s shoes and used the tool advertised (Instagram stories) to create the ads, casting an approachable feel over the campaign.
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam

Osaka Batteries – Dhakkay Kee Aadat Hatao, Self-Start Hojao

Category: TV

This ad addressed a societal issue by crafting a message that was not only insightful, entertaining and relatable, but also fit the brand superbly. Highlighting the importance of change on a personal level, this ad hits the mark and leaves an impression.
Agency: Arey Wah, Pakistan

Kurkure – Terha Hai Per Mera Hai

Category: OOH

To complement their tagline, Kurkure decided to hang their billboard a little crookedly. The crooked billboard was at once fun and attention grabbing. By playing around with the billboard medium, Kurkure translated both their brand value of fun and their campaign message effectively.
Agency: BBDO, Pakistan

Pepsi – Liter of Light

Category: Digital

This ad drives home the necessity of light, and the plight of those who have to live in darkness, with a request: close your eyes. Keeping it simple, with a plain background and to-the-point VO; the focus does not remain on the celebrities featured but on the message they convey. Some messages are more effective when delivered with quiet emphasis and this ad accomplishes that well.
Agency: IAL Saatchi and Saatchi, Pakistan

Rayshum Kayani is a Creative Manager at IAL Saatchi and Saatchi.