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Fancy a spoonful of Canderel?

Updated Jan 05, 2018 04:53pm
Canderel’s new TVC aims to make it a lifestyle-oriented brand

Canderel (the artificial sweetener manufactured by Merisant Group and marketed by Searle in Pakistan) has recently rolled out a new TVC. The objective of the campaign is to increase use of Canderel and shift its long-established image from an ideal sugar alternative used only by diabetics to a substitute for sugar among people who are health conscious.

According to Saleem Butt, Brand Manager, Canderel, the new TVC targets people who have a sweet tooth but are also concerned about their waistlines; he is of the opinion that the sugar-substitute market is growing in Pakistan steadily and the fact that people are becoming increasingly conscious about their sugar intake is proof of this, as is the increasing number of gyms, as well as the demand for health and fitness products across the country. In fact, according to Mordor Intelligence, while the global sugar-substitute industry is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% in the next five years, it is estimated to grow at a higher rate in developing countries – such as Pakistan – by nearly six percent.

“With increasing awareness, we strongly believe the market offers huge potential for Canderel in the forthcoming years.”

As for the general perception swirling around sugar-substitutes and their health consequences, Butt claims that the amount of aspartame (which are found in most artificial sweeteners) are “perfectly safe”; he stresses that “none of the research conducted in the field of medicine across the globe proves them to be harmful to the health.”

Canderel has been distributed in Pakistan for nearly 20 years, and is the market leader; despite the presence of multiple local brands such as Calnox, Medicam and No-Cal, Canderel mainly competes with Sucral. International brands such as Splenda, Clio, Sweetex and Sweet & Low can also be found, but their availability is limited.

Canderel is available in various SKUs including tablet dispensers, jars, pouches, sachets and sticks.