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Milk with an attitude

Updated 13 Nov, 2017 03:30pm
Dayfresh’s recent campaign ‘Doodh with an attitude’ aims to make milk a ‘cool’ beverage for the youth.

The global flavoured milk industry is in its nascent stages, and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than four percent in between 2016 and 2020 (Technavio).

In Pakistan, the liquid dairy market is primarily divided into four segments: plain dairy milk (72.8%), tea whiteners (22.3%), flavoured milk (2.4%), cream (1.7%), and low fat milk (0.8%) – Source: The main players within the flavoured milk segment, according to Dayfresh’s internal estimates are Pakola (60% market share), Dayfresh (20%), Oolala (Good Milk)and Milo (10% each).

Pakistan's liquid dairy market
Pakistan's liquid dairy market

According to Hina Mughal, Category Brand Manager, Dayfresh (a brand of Dairyland), approximately 49.8 million litres of flavoured milk have been consumed in Pakistan in 2017 so far, and this figure is considerably higher than the previous year.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier options as far as beverages are concerned. Consequently, the consumption of unhealthy drinks is decreasing, and has paved the way for the flavoured milk category to grow faster than other beverages,” she says.

Market share – flavoured milk brands
Market share – flavoured milk brands

In order to attract teenagers (as opposed to young children), Dayfresh launched their ‘Doodh with an attitude’ campaign (on digital, cinema and BTL) recently. The campaign (creative agency: Firebolt63) includes two online videos, which focus on Dayfresh’s Chocolate and Pista Zafran flavours. Banana was launched in Summer 2017, while Chocolate, Pista and Strawberry were launched launched last year. Each flavour is available in a 235 ml SKU and priced at Rs 35.

The video promoting the Pista Zafran flavour shows assertive and athletic college students playing a football, while the video promoting the chocolate flavour shows young men wearing leather jackets and riding heavy bikes.

According to Mughal, the campaign aims to change the general perception that only children drink milk, as it features young men, and aims to reject the prevalent “mama’s boy” image associated young men who drink milk. Mughal adds that since over 70% of the population in Pakistan are younger than 30, targeting the overall youth segment maximises the brand’s reach, and will have a spill-over effect into the children’s segment.

“The idea is to associate our product with the cool factor. Dayfresh is cool; it is also responsible and has a purpose.”

The packaging is also different from other flavoured milk brands; instead of requiring a straw, Dayfresh flavoured milk is available in the ‘TDA Edge’ packaging which comes with a re-useable cap. Looking ahead, the brand aims to launch ads for their Strawberry and Banana flavours soon, and also execute the campaign on TV in February 2018.