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For the love of mixed chai

Updated 21 Oct, 2017 10:27am
Nestlé EveryDay launches a family pack for its EveryDay Mixed Tea whitener.

Pakistan is undoubtedly a nation of tea-drinkers, and its popularity can be gauged by the fact that the country’s per capita tea consumption stands at one kilogram a year (source: Dawn), and according to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, almost Rs 5.028 billion worth of tea was consumed in January 2017.

The demand for this hot beverage has also strengthened associated industries such as milk and tea whiteners. Nestlé Pakistan, a major player in the tea whitener category, launched a new tea creamer called Nestlé EveryDay Mixed Chai (in powder form). As its name suggests, it caters to people who like ‘mixed chai’ (tea that is brewed with milk and sugar); it was initially available in two SKUs: 17 gms (Rs 10) and 34 gms (Rs 20), but earlier this year, the company introduced a larger SKU – 250 grams for Rs 170.

According to Muhammad Fahad Yousaf, Marketing Manager, Nestlé Pakistan, Nestlé EveryDay Mixed Chai contains powder milk and sugar and is especially designed to make mixed tea, by being added to tea leaves (patti) and brewed together on a stove, unlike Nestle’s flagship product Nestlé EveryDay, which is added to a cup of tea after it has been brewed.

“Nestlé EveryDay Mixed Chai, combined with patti [tea leaves], balances the sweetness of sugar and milk and brings out a smooth, creamy and rich texture of mixed chai.”

According to Nestlé, 85% of the estimated 90 billion cups of tea made annually in Pakistan are of a mixed variety; therefore, a tea creamer that caters to this consumer segment was long overdue. He adds that Nestlé EveryDay Mixed Chai has no direct competitor.

“EveryDay’s competitive edge comes from the fact that it is the only brand offering specialised tea creamers for separate and mixed tea, which provide great taste every time.”

The 250 gm SKU of Nestlé EveryDay Mixed Chai is being promoted via digital and TV. While the campaign for Mixed Chai sachets, which was aired last year featured celebrity chef Shai, the current campaign for the 250 gm SKU (conceptualised and executed by Orientm McCann) utilises stop-motion photography and focuses on how to make “khaas mixed chai”.