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Published in May-Jun 2017

Eight ads that are a must watch!

The GM of JWT Pakistan lists some of her favourite ads.

Vicks – #TouchOfCare

Category: TVC
Top of my list this year. Imagine a brand bold enough to add such a powerful and unexpected dimension to the word ‘mother’. Imagine a client bold and confident enough to wait until the last frame to introduce the product. Maybe it made you cry? Maybe it made you squirm in your seat? Either is just fine – because it moved you to feel something and think. Think about acceptance and inclusion. Must be a truly inspirational client-agency relationship to have given birth to this beauty.
Agency: Publicis, Singapore

Durex – #DoTheRex

Category: Digital
Durex has always been bold in their communication, even with their earlier TVC featuring Ranveer Singh. However, this particular one is truly epic. A grand production, with hilarious lyrics written by Ranveer himself, this campaign is aimed at encouraging young people to start an open dialogue. Look out folks! Ranveer is starting a revolution of ‘Rexing’.
Agency: DigitasLBi, India

Telenor – Passion Of Millions

Category: TVC
Telenor was not the main sponsor of the HBL PSL. Telenor wanted to be seen during the HBL PSL. And without screaming about it from the rooftops, Telenor nailed it. They captured the essence of what cricket means to the average Pakistani. Har Khilari Kay Saath – game on! Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett, Pakistan

Gul Ahmed – #MeinPerfectHoon

Category: TVC
This ad broke the mould for lawn. A great attempt to stand apart from the shallowness and ‘perfect-ness’ of fashion. Embracing imperfections and accepting oneself is exactly the kind of message we need to start hearing more these days. Nicely done.
Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett, Pakistan

Nestlé EveryDay – Dunk Now *Zalima!*

Category: Digital/Print
Last year, we saw the tea giants battle it out. This year, Coke went into the schoolyard and head-butted chai. One move, and sides were picked, lines were drawn and everyone jumped to digital to announce their allegiance. That tea brands would respond was expected. Yet, Nestlé surprised us all with their point of view – you can’t dunk a biscuit into Coke. Culturally so relevant, it gave the thought of sahi jor a whole new context to play in. Hai, zalima!
Agency: Orientm McCann, Pakistan

Kolson – Noodle Doodle

Category: Packaging
In a market long dominated by Maggi and Knorr, Kolson made an extremely bold move by launching their instant noodle product, in not one, but two formats. Completely new to the market is the cup-a-noodle format. The designs are fun and interactive and stand out on a shelf. Agency: JWT Pakistan

Brooke Bond Red Label – Forgotten

Category: TVC
One of those films that kept me glued until the end. There are so many reasons why, but it came down to a powerful insight welded tightly with the visual simplicity of storytelling. This could be anyone in our family. This could be you or me in the not so distant future. And although no one wants to be confronted with this eventuality, this brand embraced it with such honesty.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India

Ariel – #WashTheLabel

Category: TVC
I loved the message to all the women out there. It was simple and stems from a beautiful insight. It could have been much more powerful had it been better executed visually, but I like the direction they are moving in.
Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett, Pakistan

Sara Koraishy is GM, JWT Pakistan.