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Published in May-Jun 2017

Obrotu gets a Facelift

Obrotu, a Lahore-based digital agency, launches Facelift, a social media marketing software.

Obrotu, a digital agency based in Lahore, recently launched what it termed as the most advanced software in the world for social media marketing called Facelift. According to Hamza Ata, Account Manager, Obrotu, Facelift is a technology developed for effective community management and competitive analysis on social media. It also provides an edge in terms of designing campaigns, keeping an eye on the competition and providing in-depth know-how of what is trending on social media.

“Our belief is quite simple; ‘information is gold.’ The more comprehensive the numbers, the more effectively we can achieve our clients’ goals,” says Ata. Asked why other agencies in Pakistan did not have this software, Ata says there are a lot of pre-requisites that need to be met in order to be an official partner for Facelift, including “trained resources to use this platform which is an entire task on its own.”

He says there are other competitive technologies that provide the same information, but they have a few limitations. Established in 2011, Obrotu (Polish for marketing) plans to change the scope of social media marketing and expand operations to Karachi and Islamabad.