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Published in Mar-Apr 2017

Eight ads that are a must watch

Sana Naeem, Head of Creative at The Brand Crew shares her favourite ads.

Nike – Unlimited You

Category: TVC
Nike, Nike, Nike. Everything about you is so right it makes me question my own abilities as a creative. No one can deny the iconic power of the brand, and just when you think there is no way they can outdo themselves, they prove you wrong. Every ad makes you feel so many emotions. I could list them all down, but this campaign encompasses the passion, the humour, the vigour that makes Nike stand out as a brand. It gives you so many perspectives in under three minutes with the perfect transitions, angles and strategically-placed star power.
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, USA

Amazon – An Imam and a Priest

Category: TVC
Ever heard the joke about an imam and a priest who walk into a bar? Neither have I, but Amazon perfectly timed this one. In light of Brexit and the American election, this campaign effectively worked to create positive energy and sentiment in response to aggression and polarisation amongst the public. The brilliance of the campaign comes through when even while selling your product you manage to heal.
Agency: Joint, UK

H&M – First Date

Category: TVC
Okay, I am really biased, I absolutely LOVE Kevin Hart, and one of my all-time favourite campaigns is Kevin Hart and David Beckham for H&M. What I love about the ad is the insight, that whether you are a big, bulky, aggressive looking dad or a pint-sized Kevin Hart version, a dad is a dad and his daughter is his little girl. This ad broke the clutter during the Super Bowl and managed to integrate the product’s USPs and functionality without compromising the storyline or disrupting Kevin’s super effective crazy eyes.
Agency: Innocean, USA

Novella – Dil Pighal Jaye

Category: TVC
This is beyond adorable, come on guys! How can this not make your heart melt? The little peeks, the smile, the indecisiveness about not giving in to temptation. This kid is the most adorable thing I have seen in a while. The lisp at, “mamma kal aap nay jo mujhey parhaya tha naa”… just heart warming. I loved every minute of the peekaboo relationship and the sincerity of the gesture.
Agency: Manhattan Communications, Pakistan

Kenwood – Sardi Mein Paseena

Category: TVC
I am a fan of Kenwood – their ads are very real. Yes, this one is a little overly glamourised and you wonder what the relevance of Ayesha Khan was given that they didn’t need the star power at all. However, it is extremely relatable and the tagline sold it for me because achay achay kay paseenay choot jayein iss situation mein and the diversion of “chai mein cheeni kum daalna” was perfectly-timed. It’s clean, gets the point across and reinforces the product.
Agency: Arey Wah, Pakistan

Tibet – Freshman

Category: TVC
Keeping apart the beautiful shots, execution, music, subject matter, let me praise the agency for convincing Tibet. Bravo, this is a WIN in every way. The effectiveness of selling a Rs 20 soap (reminiscent of early Lifebuoy) as a high-charged, power-hungry brand – is a new proposition altogether for Tibet (remember the 'woh dekho' ad for its fruity soap?)
Agency: Gali Films, Pakistan

Telenor – Har Khiladi Kay Saath

Category: TVC
I fan girl a little bit whenever I think of Telenor, mainly because they have slowly started changing their approach in their campaigns. In my opinion, what marks the success and recognition of a brand is when they stop overly branding their ads. This is real and so relatable and the insight of framing mundane everyday things and making them relate to cricket is spot on. I love the fact that for the first time, it’s all inclusive and showcases women who aren’t standing in the crowd cheering.
Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett, Pakistan

Lux – Gold Shower

Category: OOH
We all know Pakistan is not famed for its OOH advertising and we get so much flack for our lawn print advertising; however, Lux went all out here. They used the star power of Mahira Khan (who, let’s admit it, takes the Girl Crush to a whole new level). Not only did she give you the smile, but you also got bombed with gold confetti. This is advertising done right, where it makes you stop and look and at least aik baar palatna zaroori hai.
Agency: Kinetic, Pakistan

Sana Naeem is Head of Creative, The Brand Crew.