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Carpe Diem – Seize the day

Published in May-Jun 2016
The Chief Executive and Creative Director of The D’Hamidi Partnership presents his creative manifesto.

To the thinkers, believers and dreamers who have the courage to create, be regular and orderly in life, so that you are violent and original in your work.

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.
Belief creates reality. So do not wait for the world to happen to you.
You, the poets and the artists, must happen to the world.
Be brave. For the opposite of bravery is conformity.

Fill your soul with the relentless pursuit of new experiences.
Then steal like an artist. Have your inspiration generate perspiration.
After all, imagination is more important than knowledge.
Obsess over the little things. Little things grow up to become big.

Dreams don’t work until you do. So apply yourself. Nothing is impossible.
The harder you work, the luckier you will get. The start is 50% done.
Effort out-performs outcome. Yet, good enough is not enough.
You may fail, but you are never a failure. Fortunes are built on failure.

Attitude is everything. Speak positively. But be quick to say no.
Greet criticism; it chisels you. Trust the unexpected; anything can happen.
Visualise success. Take a decision and correct it as you go along.
And adjust your perspective. It defines your happiness.

Learn to first win the eye, then the heart, then the mind.
And befriend beauty. Beauty is subtraction. If it’s been done, do it better.
For every star is unique in the galaxy. So create a culture of play.
When you share, you become twice as rich.

Give and let live. For teamwork sure beats work.
You are the dream-chasers, the mould-breakers, the change-makers.
If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.
Strive to be kind to your surroundings and to each other.

Do not despair over regrets, as common as they are.
The universe has unfolded as it should to bring this moment to you.
It is time to create like a god. Command like a king. And work like a slave.
So quit surviving; start prevailing. You are the center of now.

Seize the day.

With respect to Albert Einstein Audrey Hepburn Constantin Branscusi Fabien Barral Gary Player Gustave Flaubert Helen Williams Horace Jay Chiat John C. Maxwell Leonardo da Vinci Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe M.A. Jinnah Mary Lewis Maya Angelou Max Ehrmann Pablo Picasso Rollo May Seth Godin Socrates.