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Published in Nov-Dec 2015

Five celebrities who broke the internet

From Junaid Jamshed to Mawra Hocane, five celebrities who attracted loads of attention on social media this year.

1 . Junaid Jamshed
When he decided it would be a good idea to say, “God dislikes that any woman should be named [in the Quran]” on live TV, followed by a misogynistic online apology, and then a viral sermon that led to blasphemy allegations and a quick trip abroad.

2 . Hamza Ali Abbasi
For literally every single Facebook status update. Choice gems include rage over Charlie Hebdo insulting Islam, which was deleted, then undeleted by Facebook; an attack on homosexuals and expressing sorrow for starring in a fahaash film.

3 . Shaan/Mawra Hocane
For the big ‘traitor’ debate fought by legions of ‘patriots’ over Phantom, Bollywood’s ‘anti-Pakistan opus’.

4 . Richard Dawkins
Who drove the social media horde #crazy when he tweeted, “Islam needs a feminist revolution. It will be hard. What can we do to help?”

5 . Komal Rizvi
For taking a (somewhat ill-timed) selfie with a bedridden Abdul Sattar Edhi. Twitter went mad; Komal kept it real on Facebook – “Did anyone of you visited (sic) him? Don’t judge.”

Jahanzaib Haque is Editor,