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Published in Jul-Aug 2015

Eight ads with great insight!

Shoaib Baloch, an independent creative consultant, shares his favourite ads.

HBL Express
Category: TVC
Before the the internet, letters were the official carriers of emotions and sentiments. I like this campaign for using a nearly obsolete mode of communication as a format to launch an advanced service. It captures the right emotions and successfully delivers the message.
Agency: Prestige Grey, Pakistan

Chilli Milli
Category: TVC
When an idea revolves around the right insight, the words can be as simple as ‘Pooray Pakistan waalay Chilli Milli kay hain matwalay’ to create effective communication. This is the case with Chilli Milli, a brand loved by nearly every Pakistani (at home and abroad). All this expressed in simple words and visuals. Great job!
Agency: Manhattan Leo Burnett, Pakistan

Category: TVC
One of my favourites for the simple reason that I get to hear the story direct from the mosquito’s mouth. The misery of animated mosquitoes on the verge of death due to lack of blood, highlights the efficacy of the brand in a creative and effective way. Retaining and reinventing the famous tagline ‘Machar aap se dur rehne par majboor’ is also noteworthy.
Agency: Prestige Grey, Pakistan

Fast Cables
Category: TVC
This is one commercial that somehow touches the right cable. I find the communication effective, emotional and creative, especially the tagline, ‘Taaron se sitaron tak’. Normally one would expect a lot of functional attributes highlighted in a communication for this category, but this one has smartly connected the emotional and functional to give rise to the unusual.
Agency: Farigh Four, Pakistan

Shezan Twist
Category: Logo
An interesting typographical twist – from the old Twist to the new Twist. Simple, smart and relevant is all I can say.
Agency: Interflow Communications, Pakistan

Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturiser
Category: OOH (Billboard)
An angled billboard designed to provide shade to passersby on a sunny day. I guess this is the closest a consumer can get to the brand experience. And this is what I like the most. The product benefit (protecting you from the sun) is not only stated but demonstrated.
Agency: Publicis Communications, Mumbai

Category: Poster
I like the smart and skillful art direction behind these posters designed to fit on the sides of specific service machines. The posters reveal a fictitious person supposedly slogging his or her guts out to make the machine work with a simple message, ‘Life’s too short for the wrong job.’ The URL is there to help people find the right job. Simple and effective!
Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin

Cancer Research UK
Category: Ambient (Park Bench)

Cleverly used as the medium itself, this bench was one of the many used in parks around the UK as part of a campaign by Cancer Research UK to recognise the increasing number of cancer survivors rather than just those who have passed away. The inscription on this one reads, ‘Susan James loved sitting here. And still does thanks to research into cancer.’
Agency: OgilvyOne, London