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A Few of my Favourite Things

Published in Mar-Apr 2015

Murtaza Shakir, Executive Creative Director, Lowe & Rauf Pakistan, shares his favourite ads.

TrueMove H – Giving is the best communication

Category: TVC

You don’t sell a product – you sell an idea that makes a product worth having. This communication gives you the goosebumps. With no product placement and overt sales pitch, it builds on the value of paying life forward. Brilliantly done and wonderfully executed, leaving the audience in awe. Respect!

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Thailand

Dabur Vatika – Brave and beautiful

Category: TVC

It is always the bigger objective that matters the most. This communication is breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly phenomenal! I salute the brand team who had the guts to go for the kill. What a challenging way to empower women, as it is unimaginable to live and face the world without hair. Bowing my head in gratitude. Admiration!

Agency: Linen Lintas, Delhi

Dove – Real beauty

Category: TVC

Communicating a unique message to make people realise how they see themselves and how others see them. A campaign that produced wonderful results and triggered emotions that will live for decades. Certainly you are more beautiful than you think. Applause!

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Düsseldorf and London

UfoneTeri meherbani

Category: TVC

Ufone stands to be the one brand in Pakistan that is known for its intelligent approach in terms of how advertising should trigger that one emotion to achieve that single-minded outcome. Here you see a living example of how an unclear voice can rupture the whole picture. Well communicated and right on the sweet spot. Just wow!

Agency: Interflow Communications/ Gameover Productions Pakistan

KenwoodKhush raho

Category: TVC

The beauty of any communication stands true if it weaves in the correct human insight. And this is what happened here. True human emotions portrayed through artistically conceived concept and flawless acting. Hats off to the makers; a step toward inventive advertising in Pakistan. Creative!

Agency: Arey Wah, Pakistan

Olper’sHar lehza hai mumin

Category: TVC

Some campaigns are unforgettable due to their nostalgic effect. This is among those rare ones. A noble message put across through a bygone melody with a perfect story-led execution that makes it more astounding and memorable. Impact!

Agency: JWT Pakistan

Nestlé Milkpak – You can afford to close your eyes because ours our open

Category: Outdoor

Outdoor messaging should catch you in the blink of an eye and this delivered the objective-driven purpose behind this wonderful execution.

A simple design with an intelligent copy to root the message of milk safety in the consumer’s mind. Kudos!

Agency: Lowe & Rauf, Pakistan.

7UpMana lo food ka love

Category: TVC

In an industry, which is primarily plotted on jingles, it is hard to find good creative outbursts that can actually hook you to its magic. But this one does. An upbeat number inscribed with colloquial diction delivers something to buzz for. One of the best picks among sounds in recent times due to its absorbing clout. Arresting!

Agency: BBDO, Pakistan