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EBM relaunches Butter Puff

Published in Nov-Dec 2014

English Biscuit Manufacturers recently introduced a new ‘veggie’ variant.

English Biscuit Manufacturers recently relaunched their Butter Puff crackers and introduced a new ‘veggie’ variant. This is the first time that a variant has been launched for Butter Puff, which was first launched in 1973; it also follows in the footsteps of another EBM brand – Sooper – which recently launched an Elaichi variant. According to Maria Ahsan, Brand Manager, Butter Puff at EBM, although the Pakistani biscuit market is dominated by sweet biscuits, research showed that “consumers are now more aware and open to new tastes” which led to the relaunch and the flavour addition. EBM also decided to change the packaging and the previous red packaging for regular Butter Puff has been replaced with blue, while the veggie variant comes in a green pack due to the strong association of the colour with nature. Ahsan says a more “sophisticated” packaging proposition was chosen in order to “attract a mature and modern consumer.”