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Engro Foods launches Olper’s Rooh Afza

Updated 17 Feb, 2015 06:07pm
The new product combines Olper’s milk and Rooh Afza to form a unique flavoured milk.

Engro Foods Limited recently launched Olper’s Rooh Afza in collaboration with Hamdard Laboratories (producers of Rooh Afza). The new product combines Olper’s milk and Rooh Afza to form a unique flavoured milk which has long been consumed as an Iftari staple in Pakistan but has never been offered as a co-branded, packaged drink.

Speaking of the Engro-driven initiative, Ali Rashid, Brand Manager, Olper’s explains that the company approached Hamdard two months ago about the co-branding because it sums up Engro’s philosophy of “offering convenience through innovation to customers.”

Olper’s Rooh Afza comes in a similar packaging as its parent brand (but with a different design) and will be available only during Ramzan. One part red sherbet and 10 parts milk, Olper’s Rooh Afza is priced at Rs 110 for one litre (regular Olper’s milk retails for Rs 99). Despite the premium pricing, Rashid says the product offers a six-rupee saving for consumers who would buy Olper’s and Rooh Afza separately, as a 1.5 litre bottle of the latter is priced at Rs 250.

The co-branding has raised the issue of cannibalisation for Olper’s regular milk, and especially for Rooh Afza whose sales peak during the month of Ramzan. However, both companies are optimistic that the new brand will further strengthen the respective parent brands.

Rashid says, “In Ramzan, milk consumption increases far more as compared to mixed drinks (such as Rooh Afza flavoured milk). Therefore, even if there is an overlap in sales, the brand equity we will build by maximising consumer experiences in Ramzan will benefit Olper’s in the long run.”

Faizullah Jabbar, Marketing Director, Hamdard, shares Rashid’s stance. ”We have always promoted the usage of Rooh Afza in multiple ways and this co-branding reinforces that message; it will encourage our existing consumers to add Rooh Afza in milk, not only for this season but also afterwards.”

Olper’s Rooh Afza is being promoted via TV, POS and brand activation (by offering samples at food streets).