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Olper's 'Y ka sip on karo'

Updated Apr 23, 2015 05:08pm
Olper's launches a new fruit juice brand called Y Frooter.

Engro Foods recently launched a campaign for a new Olper’s fruit juice brand called Y Frooter. The campaign comprised of two TVCs: an introductory ad to create consumer awareness, followed by a “first-of-its-kind” animated TVC that mainly targeted the brand’s young consumers.

Aurora caught up with Engro Foods and JWT Pakistan (Olper’s Creative Agency) to find out more about the campaign.

But first, here is a look at the two TVCs:

A word from the client – Hammad Kazi, Brand Manager and Sidra Modan, Assistant Brand Manager, Olper’s

On Olper’s decision to venture into the fruit market after Olfrute: The JNSD [juices, nectars and soft drinks] market is a promising category in Pakistan. Olper’s Y Frooter has been introduced for a young consumer segment that actively consumes juice/fruit drinks, but has never been given a brand that is specifically for them.

On using Ecolean packaging for Olper’s fruit juices: The Ecolean format is an easy-to-use pack that gives children the option to play with the pack while sipping the fruit drink. Children can squeeze the pack and see the juice moving [the pack is transparent]. The telescopic straw attached with the packaging makes the entire experience more exciting and entertaining. The packaging has been received very enthusiastically by kids – its intended audience – because it’s very different and fun to hold and play with while they sip the juice. Also, the packaging design is in vibrant colours.

On differentiating itself from the competition: Olper’s Y Frooter, made from real fruits with no artificial preservatives, is single mindedly a brand for children. The transparent Ecolean packaging stands out in itself and the flexible format makes the entire consumption experience very exciting for children.

On future plans to introduce new products in the beverages category: This decision will be made based on the response this year as well as some other parameters that we are assessing.

A word from the agency – Kiran Yazdani, ACD, JWT

On the two TVCs and what each of them aims to communicate: The communication was divided into two legs; a functional and an emotional copy. The functional copy was designed to create awareness of the usage of Y Frooter’s pioneering pack, which has never been launched before in Pakistan. Furthermore, the ad’s communication was unique because of its colloquial jingle and powerful use of animation which resonates strongly with our target audience. Our emotional ad was purely aimed at kids, with the core message revolving around their curiosity to ask questions.

On creating a fully animated ad: Kids are animated, they love watching cartoons and engaging with everything visual. We picked animation as a medium of expression to connect with them in a language they best understand. The Y Frooter’s thematic was a step forward in creating an entertaining piece and highlighting a child’s unceasing curiosity in a unique way.

On the concept behind the jingle: The concept for our jingle came from the fact that kids are mentally active 24/7 and their active imagination has no bounds. They have inherent curiosity and their harmless questions usually leave parents flabbergasted. Our study revealed that curiosity fuels the growth of kids’ personalities, giving them the confidence of owning their creative instincts. Curiosity keeps children active and interested; always ready for challenges, ready to explore, and ready to work together to understand the world, be it with friends or parents. Using this insight we came up with a very “desi” jingle which resonated strongly with our target audience, due to its catchy, addictive beat. Our market research also showed that due to the jingle alone there was a very strong brand recall.

Media used for this campaign: TV (Nickelodeon Pakistan and Cartoon Network only).