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CitroPak launches Fruitien Junior

Updated Apr 07, 2015 12:46pm
The juice available in three flavours targets young children as its primary consumers.

CitroPak recently launched an ad campaign for Fruitien Junior (available in mango, apple and orange flavours). The brand was launched in early October and targets young children as its primary consumers.

Aurora caught up with CitroPak and Firebolt63 (Fruitien’s Creative Agency) to find out more about the campaign.

But first, here is a look at the TVC:


A word from the client – Talal Haider, Director Marketing, CitroPak

On the launch of Fruitien Junior: “Fruitien Junior was launched nationwide in the first week of October. It is different from Fruitien which is nectar and 100% orange juice, while Fruitien Junior is a juice drink. The ad campaign of Fruitien Junior aimed to introduce and establish the product as a premium quality juice drink for kids and also to generate trial.”

On differentiating from the competition: “One is the unique taste and quality due to the increased amount of fruit concentrates in it. Secondly, there is no sweetener, artificial colours or preservatives, making Fruitien junior a healthier choice for children.”

A word from the agency – Salman Munawar, CEO, Firebolt63

On the objective of the campaign: “The main message of the campaign was that the juices contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or sweeteners. This obviously had to be communicated in a way that would relate to our target audience, i.e. kids. So we developed a concept which would ‘talk’ to the kids, about them and what they like.”

On the concept of the jingle: “The future of most kids is defined separately by almost every family member. This starts from the moment they’re born, as everyone wants the kid to be named according to their own suggestion. The same happens when it comes to making career choices. The father wants him to become an engineer while the mother dreams of having a doctor in the family. They often fail to understand what the kid wants and how to let them enjoy their lives.”

On the packaging: “Fruitien Junior is available in 150ml and 200ml volume sizes. The challenge was that the pack should appeal to kids from the 5-12 age group and so we came up with the idea of using a ‘star’ as every kid is filled with ideas and dreams and wants to be a star in his or her life be it sports, education or everyday mischief!”

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