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A Few of my Favourite Things

Published in Sep-Oct 2021

Areeb Shah, Creative Executive, Firebolt63, on his recent favourite ads.
Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

Amazon India – Deliver the Love

Agency: Amazon D1 Creatives

Category: Digital In a departure from sales and deals, Amazon’s rakhi-themed ad is a tearjerker. With a subtle mention of the brand, the emotional narrative compels us to reminisce about our childhood days and the fun banter shared with siblings. The ad attempts to convey the message that it is not about the gifts one receives in a box. What matters are gestures like love and care.

Cadbury Australia – Your Future’s In The Swirls

Agency: VCCP

Categories: TV/Digital

This ad serves as a droll introduction to a new campaign that plays into Millennials’ love of astrology and fortune telling. This campaign combined two aspects their target audience likes, mobiles and chocolates, and gave them something that they love (to know about their future). The ability to make people stop and look at their chocolate mid-snack is next-level marketing and this has truly made Cadbury Twirl the hero of its own advertising in this campaign. A light-hearted 30-second ad that gets to the point and is a call to action for people to try something new. A brilliant way to market your product with the latest technology.

Mitchell’s Tomato Ketchup, Sauces & Chutneys – Food Ka Pakka Partner

Agency: Phreakin’ Digital

Categories: TV/Digital

Sometimes a thoughtful idea and simple execution is enough to make a great ad. Mitchell’s has done exactly this; depicting a father taking care of his kid in the middle of the night while the mom sleeps. However, mom has left notes/instructions for dad to follow so that he can handle the situation with ease, and at the end, a sweet gesture from mom, who has prepared a sandwich for dad in case he is hungry. From the husband-and-wife partnership to the ‘Food Ka Pakka Partner’, this entire ad is based on a thoughtful insight.

Dayfresh Drinking Yogurt – Drink Great Feel Great

Agency: Firebolt63

Categories: TV/Digital

Drinking yogurt was recently introduced in Pakistan by Dayfresh – a product said to be both energising and refreshing. The ad spectacularly captures the essence of the product with pulsating, energetic beats brilliantly in sync with people dancing and performing tricks. The dance moves are beautifully choreographed and wonderfully shot. This ad is packed with vitality and liveliness and is a sure mood booster.

MoltyFoam – Saath Hamesha Ka

Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan

Category: TV/Digital

MoltyFoam broke away from their iconic papa jaani storyline and came up with a fresh narrative that is subtle in its humour. Keeping up with the times, the brand hired Sajjal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir who recently got married and were the talk of the town. Their positive chemistry is reflected in this light-hearted ad. The overall concept was gripping and it keeps one engaged. What I liked about this ad was the calmness with which the narrative was delivered, very subtle and intriguing.

Shangrila Foods – True Essence of Sacrifice

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf Group

Categories: TV/Digital

A wonderful ad with great representation of culture and art, good poetry and a soulful voice which truly makes one watch the entire ad. Hats off to Yasir Ahmed who came up with such a powerful concept with a well-thought-out narrative. The purpose of this ad was not about selling products but about the true essence of Eid. A brilliant way to build a brand image.

Sprite – Raho Clear

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett OOH Company: Kinetic Pakistan

Category: OOH

Sprite’s new campaign was simple and effective. A to the point OOH campaign with taglines based on moments that consumers experience throughout the day in the cities of Pakistan. Taglines aimed at getting them to reset mentally with a bottle of cold Sprite. No fancy creative boards or the use of cut-outs… just good copywriting. This OOH campaign for me was a definite head-turner as the lines resonated with everyone in the scorching summer heat.

Sure Deodorant (Unilever) – Watch Me Move

Agency: UStudio

Categories: TV/Digital

‘Watch Me Move’ depicts a group of eight athletes who take to the streets and public spaces, and each one breaks society’s idealised image of the human body, ignoring the stares and quiet judgements of the people around them. Timed to coincide with the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, the campaign sought to shatter preconceived notions about what athletes should look like and how they ought to move.

Areeb Shah is Creative Executive, Firebolt63.