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Lipton – Just doing its job

Updated 10 Feb, 2016 03:22pm
There is no doubt that the Lipton “taste challenge” campaign has stood out and generated Top of Mind awareness.

There is a lot of talk going on about a tea war going on in the advertising world, with everyone sort of jumping on the bandwagon and enjoying the ride. There is no doubt that the Lipton “taste challenge” campaign has stood out and generated Top of Mind awareness and inspired all kinds of competitive and other brand reactions. All great for Lipton’s strategic cause and the marketing job it has set out to do.

We all know that Lipton has been around for generations and enjoys a special place in the hearts and minds of consumers through their consistent high quality product and clutter breaking advertising. But what we have not seen is their doing a straight taste challenge campaign before. Why is that? And why are they doing it now?

The answer is that in 2015 Lipton reformulated its blend and now for the first time it has a blend which has a superior taste to leading brands. This is not just talk; it has been validated through a proper blind product taste tests conducted among various tea brand users in Pakistan. For more perspective, Pakistan’s tea market is already home to high quality Kenyan tea and achieving product superiority is no easy task. However, Lipton with its new blend has been able to achieve this. So when you have it, you should flaunt it!

So, Lipton is communicating their product superiority to consumers through the “taste challenge” format; one that is best suited to landing such a message. Lipton is simply making a claim that it can now make. And they are doing this in a creative and truly Lipton way. They are asking us to try their new blend once and judge for ourselves whether or not it is the best tasting Lipton tea ever – and not simply that it is even better than Danedar. Lipton is so confident that its new blend will surprise consumers that they are also backing it up with a money back guarantee.

Lipton is only doing its job with consumers and that is it. They are giving consumers the benefit of an opportunity of tasting the best tea and see what they have been missing. We are a tea loving nation and we deserve the best. At times we are complacent and we keep on drinking the same old brand, unless someone comes and shakes us out of our complacency and tells us that there is something even better and tastier that we should try.

To conclude I will only say that I can keep on talking and so can you, but at the end of the day the taste of new Lipton will do all the talking with consumers!

Shoaib Qureshy is Chief Executive, Bulls Eye DDB (Lipton's creative agency).