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HSN Ventures partners with Delivery Chacha

Updated May 13, 2016 02:17pm

The investment aims to improve logistics, delivery, and concierge services.

HSN Ventures, a collaborative initiative of and Creative Chaos, recently announced a strategic investment in Delivery Chacha, a local delivery service. The purpose of this investment is to improve the logistics technology of Delivery Chacha and help expedite their concierge services, which include delivering, for example, movie tickets and medical reports, as well as buying grocery items and paying utility bills on behalf of their customers.

Talking about the investment, Umair Aziz, CTO, Creative Chaos, says, “ Instead of setting up our own logistics company, we decided to invest in a young startup and help them solve the challenges related to logistics that e-commerce companies are facing.”

The investment also includes helping them to build the required logistics technology and platform, while a small portion of the investment will be allotted to marketing and user acquisition.

According to Aziz, “Nashit Iqbal [of Delivery Chacha] is a dynamic founder with a lot of passion and determination. In just 18 months, he set up a successful local delivery company and he has brought the company to a stage where he needed capital and a strategy to scale up. We believe he is a good match for us.”

Talking about the future, Aziz says that all ongoing and future initiatives of HSN Ventures will be tied to their core philosophy of enabling frictionless e-commerce experiences.