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Khurram Mahboob

From devices to 3G

How mobile operators are successfully using device penetration to push their 3G options. Updated Feb 01, 2019 01:28pm

Connecting to smart

Smartphones are proving to be the biggest game changers in mobile connectivity. Published Aug 13, 2018 04:44pm

Ring tone China

Khurram Mahboob on why China’s telecom technology is proving to be an unbeatable success. Updated Aug 28, 2018 03:49pm

The smart call

Increasing smartphone penetration is the key to enjoying better ROI from 3G networks. Updated Apr 09, 2015 02:16pm

Strategic alliances

The evolving relationship between MNOs and handset manufacturers. Updated May 25, 2015 10:21am

A 3G primer for brands

3G will be a definite game changer, and brand managers need to start preparing. Updated May 27, 2015 02:30pm