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Mamun M. Adil

A communicator at large

Menin Rodrigues, Founder & CEO, SHAMROCK Communications, in profile. Published Mar 18, 2020 09:54am

Ready for technology

Interview with S. Shahzad Shah, EVP Marketing, PTCL. Published Dec 26, 2019 12:18pm

The Alpha Squad has arrived

A group of superheroes have been rebooted: The League of Extraordinary Spellers Published Dec 03, 2019 11:59am

Showcasing Pakistan at AdAsia 2019

Mamun M. Adil speaks to Sarmad Ali (President, AdAsia WC), Numan Nabi Ahmed and Waqar H. Haidri, members of WC Published Nov 30, 2019 11:00pm

Every shirt tells a story

Interview with Faraz Salehjee, CEO and Taimur Asif Khan, COO, Chester Bernard Updated Oct 24, 2019 08:49pm

Pause on profits

As growth slows, what lies ahead for FMCGs? Updated Jul 29, 2019 11:51am

Casting inspiration

How VCast Online is creating a digital platform that resonates with both audiences and advertisers. Updated Jul 06, 2019 10:10am

Meet the Fantastic Four

Four illustrators whose work was showcased in The Dawn of Advertising (1947-2017). Updated May 27, 2019 01:05pm

Forging ahead

Saba Khalid, Founder, Aurat Raaj, in profile. Updated May 18, 2019 01:00pm