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Nov - Dec 2016


The GM talk

In conversation with Muzakir Ijaz, GM Lahore and Naved Qureshi, GM Karachi, Ogilvy & Mather Pakistan.

Catching an Uber

In conversation with Zohair Yousafi, Head of Expansion, Uber Pakistan.

Learning from Apple

Why brands need to adopt new tools in their marketing approach to Millennials.

Celebrity restraint

How Fawad Khan's carefully chosen brand endorsements result in greater appreciation and a sense of credibility.

A breath of Trident

Manufactured by Mondeléz Pakistan, Trident aims to tap into the adult, 'sugar-free' chewing gum market.
Making Waves

Need a fix?

How three start-ups – Sukoon, The Handyman and Guddoo – spotted a much needed gap in customer demand.

The magic of typography

Why it's important to look at typography as not just words but as elements of design and a tool to express art.
People Digital Feature

Popcorn and much more

Going to the movies is not only about the film. Brands have a chance of becoming part of the overall experience.

Package appeal

Why your product's packaging is as important as the product itself.

Bringing in the change

To be truly innovative, agencies must change their mindset and be open to new ideas, methods and paradigms.

The clickbait problem

In a system that rewards websites that can boast of higher traffic, isn’t clickbait expected?

Samson’s grey hair

Why listening to your consumer and understanding human behaviour is crucial to advertising.

Be brave and let go

To engage the Millennials companies will have to fundamentally change their SOPs, writes Sarah K. Yaldram.

Let there be transparency!

The Supreme Court ban on billboards in Karachi has brought to light a systemic weakness within the OOH industry.
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