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Who Are You Blaming Today?

Published 25 Aug, 2020 02:46pm
"Blame is easy, gutless and a lousy excuse."

Hey You… Yes YOU!

Who are you planning to blame today?

System, parents, teachers, boss, colleague, friends, luck, government? Pick your blame point and waste another day…


Be courageous, take responsibility and move forward. Move forward and open doors of opportunities.

Accountability is done to you. It’s externally governed by those who want to create blame and shame.

Responsibility is done by you. It’s voluntary. You can take as much of it as you want. The question is, how much can you take?

Improving is a choice.

You can build something better. A YouTube channel, a blog, a piece of art, your next presentation, the next meeting, a team, an organisation, a family… Or you can blame things around you.

Uncle Ben’s rule makes great sense: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Yet so many walk away from great power because they don’t want to take responsibility. In short, they want to hide behind the stinking wall of blame.

Make a choice.

Vote – or sit at home.

Publish – or think of writing something better.

Lead – or criticise leaders.

Innovate – or ask for instructions.

Help – or complain.

Make videos – or simply watch them.

I keep telling my colleagues and friends to pre-design their tombstones and write what they want the world to read.

How will it look if it reads: “XYZ would have been a great designer only if her mom had allowed her” Or “ABC had everything he ever needed to be a great scientist, but his father wanted him to join his family business”

Blame is easy. Blame is gutless. Blame is a lousy excuse.

Responsibility — Response-Ability is a choice. A courageous choice. A choice to respect what your Creator have blessed you with.

Sohail Zindani is Leadership & Innovation Consultant, Strengths Advocate and Learner by Choice. He is also Founder, CEO and Curator of Insights Business Forum.