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Published in Jul-Aug 2017

Adamjee Life launches ‘Orbis’ rewards

The cards have been launched to thank customers for being part of the Adamjee Life family.

Adamjee Life launched their Orbis Gold Privilege rewards in May as part of their customer experience programme. The programme has been designed with the objective of developing personal relationships with customers by giving them a token of appreciation for being part of the Adamjee Life family.

According to Sadi Syed, Manager Marketing, Adamjee Life, the life insurance business is very competitive and companies need to provide something extra to retain customer engagement.

The Orbis reward card can be swiped at POS terminals and with Adamjee Life partner brands across Pakistan that offer discounts in wellness, lifestyle, health, education and weddings. The programme is currently targeting customers with annual premiums of over Rs 150,000; in the second phase, the company plans to launch the Orbis Classic programme to include all customers.

Syed says the programme will not only strengthen the customer base, but will also help the company obtain customer behaviour data in terms of buying patterns and interests which will be used to develop customised products in future.