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Radio Score announces customised car radio measurement

Published in May-Jun 2015

Using the system, advertisers can avail authentic time slot ratings, accurate audience reach, and efficient radio spend.

Radio Score, a Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) company, has announced it will introduce customised car stereos in June in collaboration with Medialogic. These customised radios will record the radio activity of a designated panel of 50 people, upload the logs on a dedicated web server overnight and be accessible to subscribers on a daily basis. Initially this will be rolled out in KLI and Rawalpindi, with Peshawar and Faisalabad to follow. The RAM system was first introduced in Pakistan in July 2014 on 186 customised mobile handsets. According to Raza Rehman Khan, COO, Radio Score, the success of the earlier initiative can be gauged by the fact that at the time most advertisers used to advertise on 15 to 20 stations, yet today thanks to the results provided by Radio Score, they are focusing on six to seven stations only. In Khan’s opinion, the system empowers advertisers through authentic time slot ratings, accurate reach in terms of stations and consequently efficient generation in radio spend.