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Jan - Feb 2017

Making Waves

Retail goes omni

Moving to an omni-channel experience is a dramatic shift in the retail business but one filled with immense opportunity.

Paints brighten up

Exploring the reasons behind the increased demand of paints, and how brands are innovating to attract more consumers.

(E)stating the obvious

Real estate marketing in Pakistan lacks imagination, creativity and emotional appeal.

Taxing real estate

Why bringing Pakistan's real estate sector under the tax net is such a 'taxing' process.
Transitions Books & Reviews

Giant with a J

"Meet Our Friend JJ: An Anthology about Javed Jabbar" – a collection of personal tributes paid to Javed Jabbar.

Start-up and shine

The reasons behind Pakistan's success at the APICTA Awards, and what needs to be done in order to sustain it.
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Eulogy for Advertising

Advertising, as we know it, has died a slow, protracted death, giving birth to its much powerful prodigy, 'Influence'.
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