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Talha bin Hamid

Vertical reality

Why it is time marketers and publishers start taking vertical videos seriously. Updated May 18, 2017 10:51am

Rising from the ashes

Will Samsung learn from its past mistakes and have a spectacular 2017? Updated Mar 20, 2017 02:30pm

Optimistic or overpriced?

Is Snap (Snapchat’s parent company) going public really a good idea? Updated Mar 03, 2017 01:04pm

For the greater good

No matter what Hollywood or Bollywood does, we have our own values which need to be reflected in our dramas and ads. Updated Feb 13, 2017 12:53pm

How to become an online Amazon

Four ways to attract customers to your online shopping portal and also win their loyalty. Updated Feb 03, 2017 11:31am

Why not just be NICE?

Brands need to realise that a nasty, sarcastic and mean tone is unnecessary and bad for business and society. Updated Jan 26, 2017 10:07am

Self-destruct to success

How local brands can leverage Snapchat and build brand excitement. Updated Jan 27, 2017 10:05am

Going live

Is Facebook Live dead on arrival, or will it live to sell your tale? Published Nov 15, 2016 02:43pm

How the US tired of politics bigly

How clever marketing, bold branding and knowing the inner workings of his audience's minds worked in favour of Trump. Updated Nov 10, 2016 12:23pm

Dealing with brand crises

What do you do when people start creating Halloween costumes based on your flagship product? Published Oct 31, 2016 10:53am

Go Live With Facebook Live!

Despite being in its infancy, Facebook Live is already making a huge impact. Updated Jul 21, 2016 03:28pm

The Good Mother

Why our media needs to stop showing mothers as domestic pieces of perfection. Updated May 13, 2016 04:54pm

Selling Shakespeare

How advertising has always turned to Shakespeare to lend itself a touch of class and justify recycling old ideas. Updated May 03, 2016 03:04pm