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Aurora's Talking Heads 2020

Published 27 Dec, 2020 04:25pm
Leading agency heads on the impact of Covid-19 on the communications industry.

For this year's annual issue, Aurora polled various Pakistani leading agency and corporate heads about the impact of Covid-19 on their businesses and work practices. Here's what they had to say in response to the following questions:

1 In which three major ways was your agency/organisation impacted by Covid-19 in terms of day-to-day functions (for example, WFH, downsizing, outsourcing, others)?

2 Which of these ways do you foresee as lasting after the pandemic is over?

3 How has the agency-client relationship changed due to Covid-19?

Faraz Maqsood Hamidi, CE & CD, The D’Hamidi Partnership

1 We braved the odds with an optimal mix of grit, attitude and trust to overhaul the way we have worked for years. WFH was the major change and, of course, getting groomed for Zoom.

2 Every agency will need to negotiate their relationship between WFH and the office. It might mean having desk-toppers sit at the office while lap-toppers drop by as and when needed.

3 The era of Doom and Zoom has given agencies and clients one more way to stay connected, productive and entirely comfortable in blurring the lines between work and home.

Jawad Humayun, Group Chairman, Channel 7

1 Operations became more cohesive with Zoom, and connectivity improved. We did not downsize or outsource. The impact has been minimal, although client spends have declined.

2 Economic revival and client spends will take a little while to reach optimal levels. Advertising budgets are directly proportionate to the economic situation. When goods and services are manufactured and go on sale, advertising goes into action.

3 We provide a one-stop solution for clients. The pandemic increased client reliance and resulted in a stronger agency-client relationship.

Fouad Husain, CEO, Omnicom Media Group

1 Transition to online workspaces. An increased integration of technology in our processes leading to redundancy in some business functions.

2 Further acceleration of online workspaces and greater focus on a human-machine synthesis.

3 The client relationship has not changed as we made our clients understand Covid-19 is an opportunity to evolve. Doing so revolved around retrenchment via the implementation of technology and freebies against business volume to increase ROMI.

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