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Seven commandments for Ramazan shoppers

Published in May-Jun 2017
A primer for good behaviour during Ramazan.
Illustration by Creative Unit.
Illustration by Creative Unit.

Dear Ramazan shopper,

I understand that it’s going to be hard for you to be out and about shopping while you are refraining from food and drink, but I feel it is my duty to apprise you of a few crucial facts you should keep in mind during your Ramazan shopping expeditions.

1. Thou shall not grab.
I know everything in Khaadi/Sapphire/NL, etc., will be on sale, and you will want to find the perfect joras for the three days of Eid ASAP, but please don’t snatch the size 10 kurta I may already have my hands on (you are probably a size 14 anyway).

2. Thou shall not jump the line.
Please don’t tell the receptionist at the salon that “mera roza hai” as a justification to be pushed up the line for your waxing, blow dry etc. If you have come after me, please wait your turn like everyone else, thanks!

3. Thou shall drive sanely.
Kindly refrain from driving like a maniac when it’s 15 minutes to iftar. Here, I would suggest that you do your shopping well before time so that I don’t have to live in fear that you will run me over with your car/cycle/ motorcycle/minibus.

4. Thou shall not go grocery shopping en masse.
Please try and stagger your rashan shopping so that we don’t all end up at Imtiaz/Chase Up/Agha’s in the first five days of Ramazan. It’s just no fun to have hoards of us buying our 10 litres of oil, 50 packets of pakora mix, 10 kgs of masoor and moong and the whole stable of Shan spice packets, all on the same day. Plus, give the poor cashiers a break!

5. Thou shall not give dirty looks to non-fasters.
Try not to kill me with your looks when I discreetly pull out a bottle of water for a quick sip while we are choosing our yards of fabric and lace at Aashiana. I know I’m not supposed to do it and I will try my best not to let you see me but it’s going to be hot, I’m human and under no obligation to fast – so could you try and just ignore me?

6. Thou shall be courteous and kind.
Kindly be nice to the cashiers/storekeepers/shop assistants as you go about your shopping and keep the hunger games to yourself. They work in a service industry, so not only must they refrain from thumping you for being a jerk, but they are likely to be fasting themselves, so have a heart!

7. Thou shall line up for samosas.
Please queue up in an orderly fashion for your samosas and pakoras at Sohni and Delawala pre-iftar. Oh and would you mind if I were to have a little sampling of the chicken skewers while I wait my turn? No? I didn’t think so. That would be very wrong, I know. Just forget I said that.

Marylou Andrew is a freelance writer and a former member of Aurora’s editorial team.